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Jan 15 2019

Why the US military fears ‘caliber’

Russian cruise missiles ‘Caliber’ have qualities that worry the naval forces of Western countries, writes The National Interest

Firstly, these missiles fly low, almost gliding over the surface of the water, thus avoiding detection by the enemy’s radar equipment and not giving the target much time to react to the threat, the magazine notes. 

Secondly, the ‘Gauges’ are universal, they can be equipped with even the smallest warships, such as corvettes. 

American intelligence knows the technical characteristics of existing modifications ‘Calibrov,’ adds the publication. 

In 2015, the US Navy Naval Intelligence Agency analyzed the capabilities of the Caliber and drew attention to the fact that the missiles are able to close the radius from France to Iran and Kazakhstan. 

‘The effectiveness of a warship is not determined by missiles alone – this requires radar and control systems. However, while the Gauges can turn even a small ship into a platform for destroying ships and ground targets, they remain a powerful tool of the Russian Navy,’ the article says. 

The Calibr cruise missiles were originally developed to arm the newest multi-purpose nuclear submarines of Project 885 Yasen. Then they began to arm both submarines of Project 636, to which Veliky Novgorod belongs, and surface ships. 

The range of ‘Caliber’ – about 2.5 thousand kilometers. They were first used against militants in Syria on October 7, 2015. Then the rocket ship of the project 11661K ‘Dagestan’ and the small rocket ships of the project 2163 ‘Grad Sviyazhsk’, ‘Velikiy Ustyug’ and ‘Uglich’ launched 26 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea.

USA News. American News.

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