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Jan 16 2019

Long Shot Down – American Hunger

I have briefly mentioned the protracted “shatdown” in the United States as one of the main reasons for their hysterical hyperactivity in foreign policy. 

To which I usually respond, ‘It’s okay, this is a frequent phenomenon in American politics, this has happened many times already.’ 

So, yes, not so. 

To begin with, let us clarify what a “shutdown” is – the termination of financing state institutions due to the delay in the adoption of the state budget. 

As a result, the majority of civil servants go on (attention!) Unpaid leave, and the work of many services (up to the coast guard) is suspended. 

Indeed, in the USA this has happened more than once. But… 

The trick is that the current shutdown is already the longest in US history. The previous record was under Billy Clinton – then the shatdown lasted 21 days (from December 16, 1995 to January 5, 1996). And most of it came in the Christmas holidays, when many do not work. At the same time Shatdaun began on December 22 and lasts for the fourth week. 

Moreover, the situation in Congress does not even hint that the situation is close to resolution. Democrats are not going to make concessions, and Trump has stated that he can keep the shatdaun ‘for a very long time, months, and maybe years.’ 

In general, congressmen of the “greatest country in the world” behave like little children. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) said, “The president is hysterical. I am a mother of five children and a grandmother of nine grandchildren. I can recognize a tantrum. ” But no, this is not a kindergarten, this is senile insanity. 

By the way, according to the White House’s estimates, every two weeks, “shatdaun” lead to a fall in US GDP by 0.1%. That is, minus 0.2% is already there

In general, for almost a month more than 800 thousand federal employees have not been paid. And in conditions when they need to pay rent, utility bills, plus about 15% of their salaries, on average, go to pay interest on already accumulated loans (I’m not talking about just need to live for something) – this is already beginning to be a sensitive problem . 

Many officials, most of the diplomatic staff, the coast guard, part of the airport guard, the number of firefighters and so on have been reduced to a minimum. 

In addition, Trump began to organize demonstrative actions – so the Clemson University football team invited to the White House was given a candlelit meal from McDonalds and Burger King fast food. Shatdaun savings. Trump accompanied this with comments that this is “patriotic food.” 

Well, such a commitment to build a fence (precisely because of the issue of financing the construction of a fence on the border with Mexico and the shatdaun began) we can only welcome. Purposeful fanatics and not such countries destroyed, so we believe in the ability of Donald Trump

But the consequences of the shutdown are not exhausted. Suspended funding for many social programs. In particular, the famous ‘foodstamp’, or in our ‘food cards’. 

A total of 39 million people receive food stamps in the United States (or 19 million households — families). This is a little more than 12% of the population. For them, this is the main source of livelihood. 

On average, American beggars receive food for about $ 250 per household. 

If the shatdaun continues, then in February their grocery basket will shrink to $ 90 per household. And in March there is no money at all. 

And even if the shutdown is stopped today (which will not happen), then due to bureaucratic delays, money for the food stamp program will start to arrive no earlier than in two or three weeks. 

Accordingly, as early as February, in some depressed regions (especially in rural areas, where large farmers had long since ravaged large corporations), food riots are possible. 

Well, still ‘no big deal’? 

You understand that in such difficult conditions, Washington urgently needs a proletarian revolution in Russia. Well, at least some! Though for the Kuril Islands! Sob sob…

USA News. American News.

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