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Jan 16 2019

It became known about the timing of the appearance of the Avangard regiment in the Russian Armed Forces

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu spoke about the timing of the formation of a new unit within the country’s Armed Forces. We are talking about the beginning of the deployment of the missile regiment, which will be armed with the latest avant-garde hypersonic strategic missile systems. A missile regiment with weapons in the form of formidable Avangards in the structure of the Armed Forces of Russia will be formed this year

Sergey Shoigu noted that the creation of such a regiment will allow to continue the improvement and strengthening of the combat potential of the SNF (strategic nuclear forces). 

Recall that the Avangard missile system passed all the necessary tests. The uniqueness of the complex is not only in the speed of its warhead, but also in incredible maneuverability. All this allows Avangard to break through any missile defense, both existing and prospective. 

It was previously stated that the combat unit of the hypersonic strategic missile complex gained a speed of 27 M (27 speeds of sound) and successfully hit the target at a distance of several thousand kilometers from the launch pad. 

Separate Western partners who call themselves “military experts” can’t come to terms with the fact that “backward Russia – the country of a gas station with an economy torn to tatters” has a powerful weapon that really has no analogues abroad. But a few months ago, many argued that all this is a “bluff of the Kremlin” and “cartoons” for domestic consumption.

Стало известно о сроках появления полка "Авангардов" в ВС РФ

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