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Jan 16 2019

Terrorists strike prevented in Catalonia

The TV channel Euronews reports that the Spanish national security forces are conducting a successful antiterrorist operation in the evening of January 15, 2019 in two cities of Catalonia, Barcelona and Igualada. 

A total of 17 Muslim extremists from among the Maghreb immigrants were captured in the act; all of them are charged with preparing for committing a terrorist act or assisting terrorists.
According to the Spanish police, all those arrested are immigrants from Algeria and Morocco. Previously they were known in the criminal environment, and some of them were already involved in small criminal terms of responsibility for theft, theft, car theft, etc. 
However, in the past few weeks, these criminal groups have joined together in a terrorist community that has set the task of “continuing jihad on the land of Al-Andalus” and avenging jihadist cells that were identified and destroyed in Catalonia 2 years ago. 
In the apartments where the extremists were stationed, the forces of the Spanish special forces seized a lot of Islamist literature, weapons, explosive schemes, etc. 
Recall that at the moment not only in Catalonia, but throughout Spain declared the 4th level of terrorist danger out of five possible.

USA News. American News.

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