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Jan 16 2019

About the upcoming war in the Caribbean

The Pentagon, despite the withdrawal of troops from the Middle East announced by President Trump, continues to implement the Rumsfeld-Tsebrovski plan. Now we are talking about the destruction of the states of the Caribbean. Not about the overthrow of the pro-Soviet regimes, as it was in the 1970s, but the complete destruction of state structures in the region, regardless of whether they are friendly or hostile. Thierry Maysan analyzes the upcoming new series of wars. 

In a series of previous articles, the plan of the Young Command of the US Army to instigate wars in the Caribbean countries was presented with the aim of eliminating state structures in them [1]. 

The preparation of such wars, which should replace the conflicts in the Middle East, takes a decade [2]. 

The preparatory period in the form of economic destabilization and military preparations has been completed, and the main operation should begin shortly with an attack by Brazil (with the support of Israel), Colombia (an ally of the United States) and Guyana (that is, the United Kingdom) against Venezuela. Others will follow this aggression, starting with Cuba and Nicaragua (three of tyrants, as John Bolton put it). 

However, the master plan can be adjusted, in particular, because of the imperial ambitions of the United Kingdom [“Declaration of the Rescue to the Venezuela”, “Executive Order of the Sustainable Development” , by Barack Obama, Voltaire Network, 9 March 2015.]], which can have an impact on the Pentagon. 

What happens in Venezuela 
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez paid great attention to ideological relations with the Middle East. He became especially close to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Syrian President Bashar Assad. They intended to create an intergovernmental organization, the Movement of Free Allies, in the style of the Non-Aligned Movement, which was paralyzed as a result of the transition of some of its members to the US side [3]. 
Although Nicolas Maduro is no different from Hugo Chávez’s words, his foreign policy is completely different. Of course, he continues his rapprochement with Russia and, in turn, received Russian bombers on its territory. He signed a contract for the supply of 600,000 tons of grain in order to prevent famine in the country. He is ready to accept 6 billion investment, including 5 billion in the oil and gas sector. Russian engineers will take the places that were occupied by the Venezuelans and from which they refused. 
Nicholas Maduro made alliances on a new basis. He has established close ties with Turkey, which is a member of NATO, and whose army is currently occupying the northern part of Syria. Maduro came to Istanbul four times, and Erdogan was once Caracas. 
Switzerland was an ally of Hugo Chávez and she helped him draft a constitution. Fearing that Switzerland will no longer purge Venezuelan gold, Nicolas Maduro relegated it to Turkey, which receives gold bullion from the ore. Previously, this gold remained in Swiss banks, and it served as a guarantee for oil contracts. Now all the liquidity transferred to Turkey, and the new gold is returned to Venezuela. Such an orientation can be explained not by ideology, but only by interests. It remains to determine how. 
At the same time, Venezuela became the target of a campaign of destabilization, which began with guarimbas demonstrations and continued attempted coup d’état on February 12, 2015 (“Operation Geriho), followed by attacks on national currency and the organization of emigration. Under these conditions, Turkey provided Venezuela with the possibility of circumventing US sanctions. Trade between the two countries increased in 2018 fifteen times. 
But as if the power in the country has not changed, this does not justify what is being prepared against the people of this country. 
Coordination of logistics 
From July 31 to August 12, 2017, the Southern Command conducted an exercise in which more than 3000 people from 25 countries took part, including France and the United Kingdom. During the exercises, the landing of troops in Venezuela [4] was practiced. 
Colombia is a state, but not a nation. The population of the country is divided geographically according to social classes, strikingly different in their standard of living. Not a single Colombian would venture out of his quarter and appear where representatives of another social class live. This separation led to the growth of paramilitary organizations in the country and, as a result, to internal conflicts, the victims of which over the past thirty years have been more than 220,000 people. 

In the 19th century, the colonial powers agreed on borders between British Guiana (modern Guyana) and Dutch Guiana (modern Republic of Suriname), but there was no written agreement on the borders between British and Spanish territories (modern Venezuela). In fact, Guyana owns 160,000 square meters. kilometers of forests that are contested by her great neighbor. Based on the Geneva Treaty of February 17, 1966, both states appealed to the UN Secretary-General (at that time he was a Burmese U Thant). But since then, nothing has changed. Guyana proposes to transfer the case to a UN arbitration court, and Venezuela insists on direct negotiations. 
Territorial disputes do not seem to be the main ones, because the contested territories are sparsely populated forests, considered unsuitable, but they constitute two thirds of the territory of Guyana. The Geneva Treaty was violated 15 times by Guyana, which in particular allowed the development of gold mines. The largest dispute broke out in 2015 after the discovery of ExxonMobil oil fields in the Atlantic Ocean, in particular in the territorial waters of the disputed zone. 
40% of Guyana’s population are Indians, 30% are Africans, 20% are mestizos and 10% are Amerindians. Indians are mainly engaged in public civil organizations, and Africans mainly serve in the army. 

On December 21, an accusation of censorship was brought against the government of the pro-British and anti-Venezuelan President David Granger, who has been in power since 2015. To everyone’s surprise, MP Sharandas Persod voted against his own party and in indescribable confusion achieved the resignation of the government, which had the support of a one-vote majority. After this, instability prevails in the country: it is not known whether President Granger, who is undergoing chemotherapy, can manage current affairs, while Sharandas Persod escaped from parliament through a secret door accompanied by an escort and is now hiding in Canada
December 23, 2018 two vessels under the flags of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the Republic of Trinidate and Tobago carried out underwater research in the contested zone in the interests of Exxon-Mobil. Considering these invasions to violate the Geneva Treaty, the Venezuelan army drove out these two vessels. The Foreign Ministry of Guyana, acting through diplomatic channels, condemned this hostile act. 
United Kingdom Secretary of Defense Gavin Williamson said on December 30, 2018 on the Sunday Telegraph channel that the Crown would put an end to decolonization, which, after the Suez crisis of 1956, had become the Whitehall doctrine. London is preparing to open a new military base in the Caribbean (at the moment the Kingdom has military bases in Gibraltar, Cyprus, Diego Garcia and the Falklands). It can be located on the island of Montserrat (Lesser Antilles), or most likely in Guyana, where it will take effect after 2022 [5]. 
Guyana is adjacent to Suriname (Dutch Guinea). Its president, Desi Bouterse, in Europe, before his election, was wanted for drug trafficking. His son Dino was arrested in Panama in 2013, although he entered the country with a diplomatic passport. He was extradited to the United States and sentenced to 16 years in prison for drug trafficking, and in fact for organizing the Hezbollah movement in Suriname. 

In May 2016, the Minister of Finance of the transitional government of the Lebanese-Brazilian Michel Temer Enrique Meirelles appoints a Brazilian with Israeli roots Ilon Goldfine as director of the Central Bank. Meirelles, who chaired the Olympic Games Preparatory Committee, approached Tsahal to coordinate the Brazilian army and police and to guarantee security at the Games. Having subordinated the Central Bank, the army and the police of Brazil, Israel is not difficult to curb the discontent of the masses with a weak Workers Party. Believing in the fact that Dilma Russef covered the embezzlement of public funds, the parliamentarians decided in 2016 to impeach her, although none of the facts was established. 

During the presidential election in 2018, presidential candidate Zhair Bolsonar is sent to Israel to be baptized in the waters of the Jordan River. This provides mass support for evangelists. 
He is paired with Vice President General Hamilton Murao. The latter, during the transition period, declared that Brazil should be ready to send its people to Venezuela as “peace forces” after President Maduro leaves his post. Such statements are a subtle threat that President Bolsonar is trying to minimize. 
In his speech on January 3, 2019 on the SBT channel, President Bolsonar mentioned talks with the Pentagon on the deployment of a US military base in Brazil. This statement caused a wave of indignation among the military, who believe that the country is able to protect itself. 

During his inauguration on January 2, 2019, the new president met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. A representative of Israel of this rank visited Brazil for the first time. On this occasion, President Bolsonar announced the transfer of the Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who also attended the celebrations and also met with Peruvian Foreign Minister Nestor Popolizio, in a joint statement with President Bolsonar expressed his intention to fight against the ‘authoritarian regimes’ of Venezuela and Cuba. Upon his return to the United States, he made a stop in Bogota and met with Colombian President Ivan Duque. An agreement was reached on the joint diplomatic isolation of Venezuela. On January 4, 2019, 14 countries of the Lima group (including Brazil, Colombia and Guyana) spoke in a joint communiqué on the illegality of the new mandate of Nicolas Maduro, which comes into force on January 10 [6]. Mexico did not sign this communiqué. However, six member countries intend to appeal to the international criminal court with accusations against President Maduro of committing crimes against humanity. 
It is clear that the process of preparing for war is in full swing. Huge forces are involved, and little can stop them. Under these conditions, Russia is considering the possibility of deploying a permanent military air base in Venezuela. The island of La Orchila, where President Hugo Chavez was held as a prisoner during the coup d’état in April 2002, will provide parking for strategic bombers. For the United States, this would be a threat worse than the one that in 1962 were Soviet missiles stationed in Cuba. 
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