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Jan 16 2019

The United States is starting a war in Latin America

In his speech to anti-kastrias at Miami-Dade College, John Bolton condemned “these three tyrants who, having seized power in the area from Havana to Caracas, including Managua, cause immense human suffering in the region, cause instability in it, and serve as the vile cradle of communism throughout the western hemisphere. ‘ 
Adherents of the Tsebrowski Doctrine continue their chess game. If they are forced to end the wars in the Middle East, they will continue them in the Caribbean. To this end, the Pentagon intends to physically eliminate the legitimately elected head of state and bring discord among the countries of Latin America. 
New United States National Security Advisor John Bolton has embarked on a Pentagon project to eliminate government in the Caribbean. 

Everyone remembers that after the events of September 11, US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld created the Office of Force Transformation, headed by Admiral Arthur Tsebrowski. His mission was to reform the American armed forces to fulfill the tasks of financial globalization. It was about changing the military strategy for the destruction of state structures of regions not included in the global economy. The first stage of this plan consisted in the dismemberment of the “Greater Middle East”. And at the second stage it was planned to do the same in the Caribbean. The plan called for the destruction of about twenty island and coastal states, with the exception of Colombia, Mexico and, if possible, British, American, French and Dutch territories. 

President Trump spoke out against Tsebrowski’s plan immediately after coming to the White House. For two years, he managed to force the Pentagon and NATO to abandon the creation of a full-fledged state (Caliphate) on the basis of the terrorist formations, but he failed to force him to abandon the manipulation of terrorism. Regarding the Greater Middle East, he managed to reduce tensions, but wars continue, although less intensively. As for the Caribbean, he firmly tied the Pentagon in his hands, forbidding him to enter into direct military operations. 

In May of this year, a message from the head of the Southern Command, Admiral Kurt Tedd, came into the hands of Stella Kalloni, which revealed the means used against Venezuela [1]. The second intervention was conducted against Nicaragua, and the third, which lasted for half a century, was against Cuba. 

In earlier analyzes, we concluded that the destabilization of Venezuela, which began with the guarimbas movement, was continued by an attempted coup d’etat on February 12, 2015 (Operation Jéricho) [2], followed by attacks on the national currency and the organization of emigration that led to military operations [3 ] that have not stopped Brazil, Colombia and Guiana since. In August 2017, the United States and its allies organized joint troop movement exercises [4]. The coming to power in Brasilia on January 1, 2019 by pro-Israel president Zhair Bolsonaro makes such a transfer possible. 

The next vice-president of Brazil will be General Hamilton Murao, whose father played a significant role in the military coup d’etat of 1964. He himself became famous for making statements against Presidents Lula and Rousseff. In 2017, he, on behalf of the Grand East of Brazil, announced that the time had come for a new coup d’etat. In the end, he was elected along with President Bolsonaro. In an interview with Piaui, he said that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro would soon be overthrown, and the forces of ‘peace’ would be deployed in Brazil. Given the seriousness of these statements that are contrary to the UN Charter, President Bolsonaro assured that no one was going to fight anyone, and that the Vice President had said too much
December 12, 2018 President Maduro at a press conference said that the US National Security Adviser John Bolton establishes a link between the team of the President of Colombia, Ivan Duque, and the team of the Vice-President of Brazil. The group, including 734 mercenaries, is currently undergoing training in Tone (Colombia) in order to carry out an attack on Venezuela under a false flag and to justify the Colombian war against Venezuela. The group will be commanded by former colonel Osvaldo Valentin García Palomo, who is on the run after attempting to assassinate President Maduro during the celebration of the anniversary of the National Guard on August 4 of this year. The mercenaries are supported by special forces forces stationed at US military bases in Tolemaid (Colombia) and Eglin (Florida). The American plan provides for the seizure of three military bases from the very beginning: Libertador, Puerto Cabello and Barcelona. 

The US National Security Council is trying to force other countries not to recognize the second mandate of Nicolas Maduro (he was re-elected in May of this year and should re-take office in the new year). It is for this reason that the countries of the “Group of Lima” began to protest the presidential elections before his election and illegally banned their holding in the Venezuelan consulates. Moreover, the migration crisis turned out to be just another manipulation: Venezuelans, who, due to the financial crisis, left the country in search of work in other Latin American countries, are now trying to return to their native lands. However, the “Group of Lima” countries prevent this by prohibiting not only Venezuelan aircraft from crossing their airspace and repatriating Venezuelans, but also buses to enter their territory. 

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Everything happens as if the wars that have filled the blood of the Greater Middle East after September 11, 2001, someone wants to resume elsewhere. And the main thing is not in military operations, but in the fact that all this is aimed at establishing chaos. They want to make us believe in fables [5]. For five years, Venezuela and Nicaragua, previously considered prosperous, are now undeservedly considered “bankrupt states”. And although the history of the Sandinistas and their struggle against the dictatorship of Somoza had not yet been rewritten, Hugo Chávez was already declared a “communist dictator,” while with him Venezuela made an incredible political and economic leap. Soon it will be possible to erase any state from the ground, so no one will say a single word. 
And time passes quickly. When in 1823 President James Monroe decided to close Amerikiru for European colonialists, he did not dare to think that his doctrine in 50 years would lead to the establishment of American imperialism. Likewise today, when President Trump declared during his assumption of office that it was time for a change, he did not think that his compatriots would betray him. However, on November 1, 2018, presidential national security adviser John Bolton stated in Miami that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are the “top three tyrants”. On December 1, Secretary of Defense General James Mattis announced President Maduro as an “irresponsible despot” at the Reagan National Defense Forum, who should resign. 

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