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Jan 16 2019

US Ambassador to Germany: Putin will exclude Ukraine from gas transit to the EU after the construction of the ‘SP-2’

The German edition Rheinische Post published an interview with the US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenelle, who believes that after the completion of the construction of Nord Stream 2, the Russian Federation will not supply gas to Europe using transit through Ukrainian territory.rn  rn “The problem of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is that this is not an economic project. It was developed for one reason only: to create an alternative route for transporting Russian gas on the way to Europe, which does not pass through Ukraine, ”the media quoted the American diplomat.rn  rn The US ambassador to Germany stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin had repeatedly declared Russia’s plans to halt transit through the Square. The American is confident that after the construction of Nord Stream 2, Putin will completely disconnect Ukraine from gas. In addition, Russia has another important gas pipeline: the Turkish Stream. That is why Washington has warned Europe that in the future the West will refuse to depend on the aggressor country.rn  rn According to Grenella, the States do not hide the content of the letters that they send to the leadership of German companies Uniper and Wintershall, which are involved in the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.rn  rn “The content of these letters is no different from the statements we made publicly: companies operating in the Russian energy export sector are at risk of possible sanctions,” commented the diplomat.rn  rn At the same time, in Germany itself, politicians have long been reluctant to communicate with the American ambassador, openly calling him a “colonial officer” because of his brazen interference in the affairs of Germany.rn  rn Recall, the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, said earlier that the Russian Federation is still considering the possibility of continuing the transit of ‘blue fuel’ through Ukraine even after the end of construction of Nord Stream-2. Russia is still ready to negotiate with Kiev on the terms of such cooperation.

USA News. American News.

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