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Jan 16 2019

Israel, Syria, Iran. Maybe it’s easier to declare war?

Let’s say frankly and openly, it’s no longer interesting to talk about the Israeli air force strikes on the territory of Syria, I don’t see any sense.rn  rn The fact that Israel both bombed and will bomb selected objects in the territory of a neighbor is not clear only to the most hard-nosed gentlemen who still have not lost hope in their wet dreams to see the downed Israeli planes in reality.rn  rn Probably, this is a long and dreary process, since neither our S-400s nor the S-300s supplied to Syria could correct the situation. Than, probably, the Internet community of fighting hamsters and chipmunks and wrestling wrestlers with Israel greatly disappointed.rn  rn Downed Israeli aircraft as there was, and no. And, it seems to me, will not.rn  rn Probably, everything is not easy, but very simple. Ours will not shoot exactly, because there is an obvious command from above. On the rampage not to go, war does not provoke. There is no evidence, but there are no successful launches of the S-400 or interceptions by our Su-35 or anything else.rn  rn As for the Syrians … The use of sophisticated modern technology by them – well, let’s be honest, not their strong point. The situation with the IL-20 clearly showed what the Syrian air defenses are capable of. Let’s just say not very much. What, in fact, the subsequent attacks and confirmed.rn  rn Over the past month, this is the second case of an Israeli attack on objects in Syria. The world community is certainly worried about the question: what does the regime of Israel want?rn  rn The world community, seriously, doesn’t give a damn about everything happening in Syria. In addition, of course, those who are vitally interested in the situation in the region.rn  rn And actually, a very small group of states are interested.rn  rn Saudi Arabia, which is one way or another involved in the preparation, procurement and financing of those for whom both the Syrian military and the Russian are working. But even the Saudis are not as involved in maintaining the situation in the region as the other side.rn  rn Iran. It seems that the behind-the-scenes war of Israel with the Islamic Republic of Iran is gaining momentum more and more, and this is a fact.rn  rn Already, many media outlets, without bothering at all, report that ‘most of the missiles launched by the Israeli Air Force against Iran’s positions in Syria have been intercepted and destroyed.’rn  rn That is, the presence of Iran’s positions in Syria is actually recognized.

Watching everything happening in Syria, today we can safely conclude that neither Israel nor Iran absolutely do not make any secret.rn  rn Israelis openly say that they work on objects belonging to Iran, and Iran does not make secrets from its presence on the territory of Syria of its military personnel and their death.rn  rn On the night of January 12, Israeli aircraft launched new air strikes against targets in Syria. And here I refer to the message of the ever-memorable Syrian Center for Monitoring the Observance of Human Rights. The center is located in London, which does not prevent him from covering the events in Syria.rn  rn Considering that the SPM is a frankly anti-Assad resource, its messages here are most interesting.rn  rn So, SCS reports that as a result of the next air attack, the warehouses of the Iranian forces and Hezbollah grouping were destroyed. Syrian air defenses fired several missiles in an attempt to repel the blow, but as always, they did not succeed. As a result, three Iranian Hercules cargo aircraft were destroyed at Damascus airport.rn  rn What was in the planes is not covered, as well as what was in the warehouse, in which Israeli missiles fell.rn  rn In principle, this is not so important. The main thing that did not arrive in the Russian infrastructure.rn  rn The current operation of the Israeli Air Force held a little more than two weeks after the previous similar raid, which was carried out on December 25.rn  rn Moreover, it is worth noting that the bombings are taking place against the background of the recent deliveries of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft complexes to Syria, which caused a quite predictable reaction of the hurray-patriotic masses in our country.rn  rn The shouts about the fact that now the Israelis ‘firmly sat on the fifth point’ and so on, now, probably, if they do not subside, they will not look so straightforward.rn  rn Yes, the S-300 was installed in Syria, but … Something is clearly preventing the ‘landing’ of Israeli aviation.rn  rn Why this happens is hard to say. Russia and Syria either could not, or did not want to use the complexes against Israeli aircraft.rn  rn On December 25, 17 soldiers were killed, including three high-ranking officers. 10 different targets were attacked. Then Major-General Igor Konashenkov said that 14 of the 16 GBU-39 guided bombs dropped by Israeli aircraft were allegedly shot down by Syrians.rn  rn It would be nice actually if it turned out to be true. Alas, satellite images of infrastructure facilities that have been seriously damaged, this is refuted.rn  rn However, our Ministry of Defense quite often made statements that were not subsequently confirmed. This is, in principle, normal, if we are not talking about ours.rn  rn The most important thing here is separation. The Israeli authorities said that after the deployment of S-300 systems to the region, they will continue to attack Iranian military facilities located in Syrian territory that threaten the security of the Jewish state. And, it should be noted that they keep their word. That is, they continue to attack, despite the alleged threat emanating from the S-300.rn  rn While our complexes do not bother them much.rn  rn Another question: should you?rn  rn Let’s try to look at the situation from the outside. Generally from the side. And why, in fact, are we so worried about the Israeli raids on Syria?

What is the essence of the presence of Russian troops in Syria? That’s right, the fight against terrorists from various gangs. This is what Assad asked us to do, this is the main purpose of the stay of the Russian contingent in Syria.rn  rn We didn’t shoot down Israeli planes, especially if they didn’t shoot in our direction.rn  rn What is the essence of finding (proven) Iranian troops in Syria? I do not know, and it should not worry me, in principle. If Syria and Iran have agreements on this topic (and I am sure they have them), then this is their business.rn  rn Israel sees no threat to itself in finding the Russian contingent in Syria. But he sees the threat of being Iranian. And on Iranian objects constantly arrives.rn  rn Russian infrastructure has never suffered from the actions of the Israeli Air Force. Now many will start talking about the downed IL-20, but I refuse to comment and discuss it. Because, unfortunately, I have an idea of ​​what is happening on the radar screens in this situation. And my opinion is that the Syrian air defenses are to blame for the death of our plane, not to change it by any screaming.rn  rn By the way, indirectly, the ‘work’ of the Syrians in the operator’s S-300 confirms my point. We didn’t see any victorious reports about the shot down F-15 and F-35 with the identification marks of the Israeli Air Force. Although 4 months have passed since that tragic September and it is not known how many Israeli raids against Syria.rn  rn This suggests only one conclusion: either the C-300 is not a cake, or the Syrian air defense fighters. Of course, I prefer the second option.rn  rn Then what is the output? And at the exit is that there is more than one military conflict in the territory of Syria today.rn  rn The first: the SAR army and the Russian contingent against terrorists.rn  rn Second: Israel vs Iran.rn  rn Third: Israel vs Syria.rn  rn And if in the first case everything is clearly arranged in places (as far as it is possible at all), then the second and third conflicts, to put it mildly, are not always clear.rn  rn If the Iranians are satisfied with the losses that Israeli aircraft causes them – this is one deal. If not, well, how would it be the problems of the Iranian army, respectively, it should solve them. The same licensed S-300 and ‘Torah’ with the ‘Shell’ they have

Apparently, the losses are within acceptable limits, since the reaction of the particular is not observed.rn  rn As for the war between Israel and Syria, there are also incomprehensible moments here. If there is a truce between countries – this is one thing. If not, then another.rn  rn If Israel does not consider it possible to observe the inviolability of borders and everything accompanying, attacking from the airspace of a third country (Lebanon) objects in Syria, then it is a little unclear what prevents Syria from responding to Israel in the same Israeli manner.rn  rn So many times our readers from Israel voiced this principle, “we are responding to the attack,” that it would be quite possible for the Syrians to adopt this principle. And there let the UN understand, who nevertheless started first, and who answered.rn  rn But I’ll emphasize very much: no changes in 4 months. That is, as Israel bombed Iranian objects and bombed, Syria did not respond adequately and did not respond. That is, the delivery of the S-300 was only a political step, nothing more.rn  rn And you can talk for a very long time about Israeli aggressiveness, about Israel’s desire to help destabilize the region, if not for one small “but”.rn  rn What (or who) and how does Syria and Iran, which have quite modern air defense systems, prevent weaning Israel from dealing with airstrikes?rn  rn Complex issue. The answer to it is hidden somewhere deep.rn  rn And if so, then only one conclusion suggests itself. Russia should deal in Syria with what it, in fact, was invited to. That is, to help the SAR army clean up the territory from terrorists. Leaving Iran and Syria to deal independently with Israel.rn  rn If the Israelis are so pleased to tickle their nerves by the fact that during an airstrike you can lose an airplane / pilot – that is their holy right. Let tickle further.rn  rn If the Syrians are satisfied with the regular show, ‘and we wanted to spit on you, bombed, bombed and bombed’ performed by the Israelis – well, it is also not a question.rn  rn The Middle East, where today the blood interferes with oil one-on-one – that is the boiler. But the fewer of ours there, the better for us.rn  rn Alas, it is not in our power to allow or forbid Arabs, Persians and Jews to mutually destroy each other. Our main task is to ensure maximum losses for terrorists with minimal losses on our part. Everything else is beyond the scope of all agreements with Syria.rn  rn Perhaps, in the end, such a policy pursued by Iran, Israel and Syria, will still result in a widespread ugliness of a regional nature. And the parties will one day spit on a shaky truce and hidden war and take each other seriously.rn  rn It is clear that gentlemen Muslims will decide to undertake. But the rather unbridled and overly aggressive policy of the Jewish state also gives grounds for this.rn  rn The main thing in this situation is to withdraw our contingent from Syria as quickly as possible so that we have no reason to get involved in a new war. Especially if it is provoked by Israel.rn  rn And the winner can always be paid a courtesy visit in an American way …

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