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Jan 16 2019

The assets of the Ukrainian billionaire Firtash were arrested for $ 46 million

The Cyprus Court, at the suit of the Russian VTB Bank, arrested the property of the Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash by almost $ 46 million.rn  rn The lawsuit in the District Court of Cyprus Limassol was filed on December 20 last year, after which interim measures were taken. Essentially, the claim will begin to be considered at the end of January. One of the respondents for it is Firtash, which is on the list of the richest people in Ukraine, Kommersant writes.rn  rn According to sources, Firtash is the beneficiary of the private joint-stock company Ukrainian Chemical Products and Titanium Investments LLC registered in Russia. The claim of VTB is connected with the loan, which at the end of April 2015, these structures of Firtash attracted to a Russian bank. In February 2016, borrowers stopped making payments on the loan, after which VTB appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a statement about the recovery of the arrears. According to the court decision, Ukrainian Chemical Products was obliged to pay the bank $ 39.4 million. In addition, according to the claim of the same VTB, Titanium Investments was declared bankrupt. In relation to her, a monitoring procedure was introduced, and in the register of creditors’ claims, the company’s debt to VTB amounts to more than 2.5 billion rubles.rn  rn The lawsuit against Firtash and a number of related individuals and companies for the recovery of damages caused by the “fraudulent actions of the defendants” implied the arrest of movable and immovable property worth $ 45.7 million. In particular, the plaintiffs requested that security measures be imposed on the property of the billionaire and the companies Group DF Holdings Limited, Letan Investments Limited and Tolexis International Limited. At the same time, Group DF Holdings Limited is “actually the head company of Dmitry Firtash, which manages all of its assets both in Ukraine and in other countries”.

Арестованы активы украинского миллиардера Фирташа на 46 млн долларов

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