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Jan 16 2019

An experiment to darken the sun will test a way to cool the Earth.

Scientists are planning to spray particles reflecting sunlight into the stratosphere to quickly lower the temperature of the planet.rn  rn Zhen Dai holds a small glass tube, with white powder: calcium carbonate, a commonly used compound used in everything from paper and cement to toothpaste and cake mixes.rn  rn Put the pill in the water, and as a result, an effervescent antacid will appear that soothes the stomach. The question for Dai, a doctoral student at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and her colleagues, is whether this harmless substance can help humanity get rid of global warming caused by greenhouse gas pollution.rn  rn The idea is simple: to spray this substance into the stratosphere, and these microparticles will cool the planet, reflecting the sun’s rays back into space.rn  rn Scientists have already witnessed this principle in action. When the Pinatubo Volcano erupted in the Philippines in 1991, it threw about 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere — an atmospheric layer that extends for about 10–50 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.rn  rn The eruption produced a fog of sulfate particles, which cooled the planet by about 0.5 ° C. For about 18 months, the average temperature of the Earth returned to what it was before this layer appeared.

PS: In the scientific world, it seems they do not know what to do with climate change ….rnrnAnd at this time: A huge ice disk appeared on the American River. A huge ice disk appeared on the Presumpscot River, Cumberland County, Maine, USA.

Severe cold weather ravaged Syria

At least 15 children died in the south-west and east of Syria because of the severe cold weather, according to a statement by UNICEF Regional Director Geert Kappirala, published on the organization’s official website.rnrn“Low temperatures and harsh living conditions in the (Syrian refugee camp – ed.) ‘Rukban’ on the south-western border of Syria with Jordan are increasingly putting children at risk. In just one month, at least eight children — most of them under the age of eight months, the youngest of them less than an hour — have died, ”the statement said.

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Heavy snowfall hit SwitzerlandrnIndia freezes

A wave of cold struck the north of the country, bringing with it very heavy snowfalls and frost. In the cities of Jammu and Kashmir, a record of sub-zero temperatures was recorded.

Heavy snowfalls and a sharp drop in temperature at night have hit the Kashmir Valley with the Ladakh and Himchal Pradesh regions.

-18.6 ° C for India is a record low temperature …

And lastly Over the world once again sound ‘The Tubes of the Apocalypse’ The mysterious noise from the sky continues to confuse people around the world, and also gives those who hear it, sleepless nights. It sounds like a trumpet or a lot of pipes from a brass band, and a selection of videos shot in Canada, Ukraine, the USA, Germany and Belarus, shows something strange that is happening to us.

USA News. American News.

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