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Jan 16 2019

In the USA, new methods are being introduced for knocking out debts

About the swamp of educational loans, which bogged down the meat generation of the United States, wrote repeatedly. It is clear how this swamp arose – after the collapse of the bubble in real estate in 2007, the usurers needed new topics to feed on, one of which was “education loans” and steel.

 As a result, graduates have exactly the same diploma as their parents, but unlike parents, decent debts are now attached to the diploma – the average debt for education is $ 40K slashed. Since this is not accompanied by a proportional increase in income, naturally, the number of debts for which payments are terminated increases.

 An important nuance is to declare bankruptcy, i.e. it is impossible to write off such debts in a civilized manner. Even if you can not pay, the debt for you continues to be registered all my life.

 This is all not news. The news is as follows – an innovative methodology has been launched in Florida for graduates who cannot pay their debts. The state of Florida revokes licenses from bankrupt graduates of medical colleges (and this is not only highly-paid doctors, but also, for example, nannies), that is, deprives them of the opportunity to work in their specialty.

 Thus, if at first the scheme looked like a “diploma and specialty in exchange for a pile of debts”, now the specialty from the equation disappears and there are just debts left.

 The license has already been revoked by about 100 suckers, another 800 in line (there are recorded missing payments on debts).

 The fuckers are perplexed – “so we won’t be able to pay at all, even by a little bit, and is it really profitable for the state if we all move on to benefits and food stamps”?

USA News. American News.

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