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Jan 16 2019

Geopolitics as 2 + 2

Why China intervened in the conflict with the United States on the ‘Nord Stream – 2’ 

‘… The world is changing: Beijing suddenly interceded for Russia and Germany, subjected to pressure from the United States, or rather, stood up for the right of these countries to build the Nord Stream – 2 …’

That’s why China sided with Russia. Heard? 

Under about such headlines you can read a lot of articles in info space. And thousands of sofa experts will argue that China still remembers Stalin and the great USSR. 

Only – STOP! 

Has China ever defended anyone? The mentality of the Chinese is quite fit into one national saying – ‘If you sit for a long time on the river bank in the shade of a tree, (sooner or later) you can see the floating corpse of your enemy.’ I do not presume to say that this is a literal translation, but the meaning is clear. 

Now to the topic. 

China does not protect anyone and will never protect anyone except himself. 

But in the beginning of the confrontation between China and the United States, the States will never allow themselves the luxury of using the Russian Northern Sea Route. Yes, and pay Russia for icebreaking and transit support. But for China, this option of cargo delivery to Europe turned out to be almost a third closer and cheaper than through Suez. 

But how can China humiliate itself in the current confrontation with the USA? To admit to the whole World that it depends on Russia and its SMP (SevMorPut)? And what for normal trade, he is forced to pay Russian for ‘Russian transit’? 

Of course not. Let the States tell anyone about the Russian threat, and China needs to make money here and now.

But China values ​​and loves the only self most of all. 

And that is why it supports the inviolability of the principles of free trade and business. And of course I have to, at least somewhere and somehow, albeit indirectly, but support Russia and join Russia, though only where nothing threatens it. 

As the saying goes, bonuses in front of the Russians make money and the States on occasion to hurt

And so, of course, in any case, China is our friend! And for Russia, the mountain and for Stalin. 

While it is profitable for him.

USA News. American News.

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