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Jan 16 2019

Scientists have found that the magnetic pole is shifting towards Siberia

Geologists have come to the conclusion that the north magnetic pole of the Earth deviates from the Canadian Arctic towards Siberia. They wrote about their observations in the journal Nature. 

The magnetic model of the world was last compiled in 2015 and was supposed to serve until 2020. But the field began to change so quickly that scientists had to update the model already this year. The allowable limit for navigation errors is constantly increasing. 

Experts say that the shift of the magnetic pole is partly due to shifts in the depths of the planet. Most of the magnetic field is generated by a liquid in the core of the Earth, and changes in the deep currents affect the top. In 2016, the pole moved noticeably under the north of South America and the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. 

Scientists emphasize that the region, in the direction of which the magnetic pole is moving, is most prone to cataclysms. 

The magnetic and geographical poles of the Earth do not coincide – the angle between them affects navigation and military aiming systems, as well as the operation of GPS and GLONASS.

USA News. American News.

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