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Jan 17 2019

The Chinese are building a ‘Great Underground Wall’, invulnerable to hypersonic weapons.

The Chinese academician announced the creation of the ‘Great Underground Steel Wall’ – a network of bunkers for nuclear missiles. A key feature of the system will be its complete protection from the latest hypersonic weapon. And for some reason, American is not talking about Russian

On the thirteenth of January, 2019, the Chinese news agency Global Times reported on the project with the sonorous and oriental mysterious name “The Great Underground Steel Wall”. 

The project manager, academician Qian Zihu, winner of the Chinese State Prize in science and technology, says that the ‘underground wall’ is a network of strategic defensive structures located in the mountains. 

These bunkers are protected by a thick layer of rock from any impact. But the entrances to such facilities are usually vulnerable. No matter how many armored corners and shutters you put, and a high-precision nuclear-guided missile will do its job anyway. 

There used to be options to intercept such a rocket from afar, on approach. Now, when the leading powers of the race began to announce hypersonic maneuvering systems, invulnerable to missile defense, the problem has become much more acute. It is interesting that, although the Russian hypersonic projects are now the loudest discussed, the academician speaks exclusively of the threat from the United States.

China adheres to the doctrine of counter-use of nuclear weapons. That is, he undertakes not to use it first, but if the enemy strikes a nuclear strike, he will answer everyone that is. In such conditions, it is expected that the enemy will aim primarily at the locations of Chinese nuclear missiles in order to destroy them with the very first blow and thereby avoid retaliation. 

The bunkers in which the missiles are located, according to the academician, are reliably protected from any preventive strikes, including those inflicted with the help of hypersonic missiles. Alas, what exactly is the principle of this protection, we have not yet been told. 

It is only known that the system will be the last line of defense for those cases when the usual missile defense can not cope, and it means that it will act at small and ultra-small distances. Perhaps we are talking about laser weapons. In any case, Western military experts will certainly pay close attention to this news, which means that some information from them (at least on the level of hypotheses) will soon leak into open sources.

USA News. American News.

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