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Jan 17 2019

The terrorist attack in Manbizh, which killed 4 US soldiers, could be organized by Israel

Four US servicemen were killed, three were injured in an explosion in Syrian Manbij. Responsibility took organization Dovlya (‘IG’). The Pentagon confirmed the number of victims of its military, in addition to which two YPG members were killed and 19 people among the passers-by were injured. The explosion occurred near the restaurant, where members of the military council with a foreign delegation were. 

‘Today, US troops killed in an explosion while conducting regular patrols in Syria today. We are still collecting information and sharing more details later,’ says a representative of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR), led by the US-led coalition against ISIL. 

The attack itself occurred at 12:38 am local time. According to a source, two hours before the incident, CIA agents received a tip from a member of the local Kurdish militia that something big would happen in Syria. The CIA sent one of their agents, accompanied by 2 special forces, who arrived for this purpose from the US base of Al-Tanf

‘Apparently, the Israelis became aware that the United States and the Kurds were meeting in Manbidzh, and they decided to raise a false flag against the United States to accuse Turkey, so that the United States would eventually refuse to withdraw its troops from Syria. The Mossad agents are laying explosives in the building and leaving shortly before 12:35. Soon after the Mossad blew up the ‘patrol’, his agents contacted several news agencies, and only then pretended to be civilians who witnessed the terrorist attack. More detailed information will follow in the near future, ‘writes our and Source in Syria.

Apparently, our source is not far from the truth. At the scene, the restaurant was found an identity card belonging to the Turkish agent of the National Intelligence Organization MIT. It was discovered by Syrian Kurdish forces at the site of the attack in a restaurant. His discovery only adds to the confidence that, in addition to the planning of the terakat, it was also planned by the party supervising him to sweep up traces with the leap of certificates. 

Probably, if the attack was not organized by Turkey, it could have occurred under the control of Israel, known for its predilection for such operations. And the ID could have been planted by Israel due to the fact that Turkey had not previously provided references to sources, the Turkish state agency declassified the location of American troops in the territories controlled by Kurdish armed formations. 

Considering that after long months of silence, ISIS suddenly all of a sudden, after the decision of Toramp on the withdrawal of troops from Syria, attacks American soldiers in Manbidzh, who used to supply them with food / equipment / supplies, you can be 100% likely to say that SOMEONE is trying to convince Trump to stay in Syria and that the attack was carried out under the patronage of the one who issued the information that a military council would be held in the city.

USA News. American News.

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