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Jan 17 2019

Russian Foreign Ministry: U.S. Preparing Media Campaign To Accuse Russia Of Assisting ISIS In Afghanistan

The US is preparing a disinformation campaign to accuse Russia of assisting ISIS in Afghanistan, including the redeployment of terrorists from Syria and Iraq, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on January 16.

The statement stressed that the goal of this effort is to draw the audience’s attention from the 17-years long US military campaign in Afghanistan. The Russian side eben described the US decision to partially withdraw troops from the war-torn contry as the admission of defeat.

The foreign ministry also recalled its repeated statements over the US direct or at least indirect contacts with ISIS in Afghanistan. Thus, the Russian side desribed the aforementioned campaign as an attempt to blame Moscow for Washington’s own actions.

According to the statement, US forces recently captured the Taliban jail in the province of Badghis, where the Afghan group was holding the captured ISIS members. The statement said that this may have been an attempt to prevent the leak of data about the real sponsors of ISIS in Afghanistan.

USA News. American News.

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