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Jan 17 2019

Who are taken in the special forces of the GRU

One of the most secret and most combat-ready units that are today to guard the country’s security is the special purpose units of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, better known as GRU special forces. 

Special Forces intelligence agencies are considered the elite of elites, and to get into their number is the dream of every military man. But this is not so easy to do, because the GRU units are among the most closed. Previously, recruitment was carried out among conscripts, conscripts, who by their data were suitable for service in the Airborne Forces, and the bonus was the presence of a discharge in some kind of sport: running, parachuting, martial arts and shooting. Now the selection conditions are stricter – they do not get into intelligence, they take intelligence: experienced officers are looking at soldiers who have shown themselves well in exercises or in combat. However, those who are invited will have to endure a long and exhausting course of study. 

A scout is required to possess the broadest range of skills: from tactics of combat operations in attack, parachute jumps, methods of defense and mountaineering and other things to knowledge of topography, a foreign language (or even several), psychology, fundamentals of chemical and radar intelligence, mountaineering. There is even nothing to say about such platitudes as the ability to drive any type of military equipment and use any weapons of domestic and foreign production. 

“The officers and sergeants often reminded us that we are a guard and a landing force, which means we must meet this high rank,” says guard Private 1st Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the Airborne Forces Arthur Makovsky. – Every day we had physical training, crosses, shooting. We spent a quarter of all the time at the field exits and at the “races” – when the personnel were sent to the forest for a week without any means at hand and forced to survive. In addition, there were a lot of parachute training. Training on simulators and directly jumping. Discipline was supported not only by the charter, conditions were driven into strict limits. For example, after an exercise or cross-country, you will even sit at night and clean your form of dirt. You can, of course, not do this, no one seems to be forcing, but for an untidy appearance in the morning building, they will ask you ‘. 

In addition to these skills, the fighters bring up such qualities of character that transform them into a walking death car. This is what has the greatest impact on their personality. 

First of all, the fighters train endurance and strength, and endurance in this bundle is more important. The main work of reconnaissance takes place on foot, on foot, and the length of the crossings is usually a dozen kilometers. Not only that, the fighters should reach their goal unnoticed, they should, after completing the operation, if it was, for example, a diversion, immediately leave at the fastest possible pace, which implies 5-6 hours of continuous running. In addition, each fighter bears the equipment and equipment for 20-30 kilograms. Therefore, candidates for intelligence very often and run a lot, as well as at first they sleep no more than 4 hours a day.

“After the forty-kilometer crossing, the commander suddenly lined up a company in a chain, and she overcame her plowing, then followed the forced march, and then she was ordered to crawl again. And when red and green circles floated before the eyes filled with sweat (it seemed another meter – and the spirit went away), then the command sounded sharp, like a shot: “Get in one line!” The scouts lined up and made a roll call The number, named the last fighter, unreservedly meant the company’s payroll for today. The late and lagging behinds were discharged immediately. check intelligence of endurance, which was held by the commander of the Guards separate reconnaissance, Hero of the Soviet Union captain Dmitry Pokramovich. 

In addition, the GRU Special Forces fighter does not just overcome long distances, he must be extremely careful and decisive, constantly calculating the situation and keeping in mind the map of the area. If he moves away from his pursuers, he tries to mislead them, leaves traps in the way, creates false targets, confuses the route, especially if the enemy starts to follow dogs. Sometimes it is necessary to return from a task in such a place where an ordinary person in his right mind does not even think to turn around – for example, to climb steep cliffs, go along narrow paths over a precipice, etc. To scouts have learned to cope with their fear, during training they are forced to get used to it. One of the most common exercises is to sit on the edge of a cliff, and so that the legs hang down into a deep abyss. At first, the fighters freeze from fright, but then, having curbed the paralyzing feeling, they adapt and begin to control their behavior. 

Perhaps the main quality, which is instilled in the saboteurs, is the readiness to kill. The trainings are very hard, there is constant pressure, there are frequent injuries that the instructor specifically provokes. There is a saying that the soldier must fear the sergeant more than the enemy, then during the battle he will first of all be concerned about the fulfillment of the task and, when meeting with the opponents, will be clearly aimed at his destruction. Killing is taught in all possible ways – firearms and cold weapons, stones, sticks and any means at hand. The fighter himself becomes the weapon, and he begins to perceive everyone, except direct command, as potential enemies. 

This quality is a big plus for preparation, but at the same time a fat minus for ordinary life. Murder for such warriors from the category of taboos and force majeure goes into the usual case. And after the end of the service, no one deals with their socialization. Some past soldiers have failed to turn their minds, join society and return to civilian life. Such people turn into so-called “dogs of war” and remain in the service in the army. Not able to reorganize, they even curse everything in the world during business trips, because life in the civilian world exhausts them, managing to get bored quickly.

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