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Jan 17 2019

Israeli media revealed Trump’s plan to create the state of Palestine

The Middle East Peace Plan, drafted by US President Donald Trump, suggests the creation of a Palestinian state in 90% of the West Bank and the partition of Jerusalem, according to the Israeli Reshet-13 television channel. 

The author of the material, a well-known journalist Barak Ravid, refers to a source who attended a closed briefing by an unnamed US official, and at the same time quotes a White House spokesman who said that ‘speculations about the content of the plan are inaccurate.’ 

‘The White House peace plan, which President Donald Trump wants to present in the coming months, suggests the creation of a Palestinian state in about 90% of the West Bank, with its capital in some parts of East Jerusalem,’ the channel said. 

The Palestinians, according to his data, will receive twice as much land as they control now, but the historical center of Jerusalem, with its religious shrines and surrounding areas, will remain under Israeli sovereignty, just like the western part of the city. Under the rule of the Israelis, large Jewish settlements in the West Bank will remain, preserve isolated settlements, although without the right to expand them, and will have to evacuate so-called ‘illegal settlement outposts.’ The authors of the plan propose to compensate for the losses due to the mechanism of territorial exchanges, the material says. 

Trump’s Peace Plan, as the American official described it at the briefing, looks like the most convenient option for Israel over the past two decades,’ the television channel said. 

The Americans, according to his data, expect refusal from the Palestinians, who claim to be all over the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the historic center of the city. Washington is counting on a more favorable reaction from the Israelis, despite the fact that the right-wing camp in charge of the country refuses to divide Jerusalem and does not hide its opposition to Palestinian statehood. 

According to the TV channel, the plan is ready. He wanted to publish a few weeks ago, but it was decided to postpone the publication before the parliamentary elections to be held in Israel on April 9. 

The United States is preparing a Middle East settlement plan called the “deal of the century” from the beginning of Donald Trump’s presidential term, but it has not yet been submitted. 

The Palestinians from the sole American mediation in search of peace with Israel refused at the end of 2017, indignant at Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state. Having accused the president of bias in favor of the opposite side of the conflict and having previously rejected the peace initiatives that he is preparing, they discuss with foreign partners a new collective resolution format similar to the mechanisms for resolving the Iranian atomic problem.

Израильские СМИ раскрыли план Трампа по созданию государства Палестина

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