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Jan 17 2019

Most Americans want to dispossess the rich

The key to political domination lies in controlling the public agenda. If there is no such control, then political consultants work in vain and financial donors donate money to the election campaign in vain. If people speak only about revolution, it is pointless to try to “sell” a politician who is concerned with gender issues or climate change. 

The one who chooses the topic of public dialogue, especially if it is done “in a natural way”, creating an illusion for the audience that the theme is chosen precisely for him, he controls the agenda, and the one who controls the agenda will win the elections or successfully carry out color revolutions in In the event that the elections were held not according to his scenario. 

In this sense, the example of Trump and his team is indicative: they were able to do so in spite of the most negative media coverage they were the ones who controlled the topics of public political debate, ranging from Hillary Clinton’s crimes (everyone remembers the “lock her up!” Rallies at Trump rallies ) and ending with the ‘Great Mexican Wall’. 

Trump is a master of viral ideas, set out in such a primitive form that they even insult the intelligence of political experts, but at the same time so effective that they begin to literally live and reign in the minds of millions of voters. But for every right-wing populist, sooner or later there will be a left-wing populist, especially since populism is always more suitable for leftists than for those who try to at least occasionally dress up in respectable tales of consistent conservatism. 

Among the new wave of American left-wing politicians was found the “left-wing Trump” – congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes, who is currently the definitive leader in the race for the sympathy of American progressive youth, and which has repeatedly demonstrated the literally “trampical” ability to make the press and social network speak About Me.

If, until recently, her media tricks were relatively innocent, now she swung at the sacred cow of American politics – the tax system, suggesting that 70% of the “tax on the rich” be used to finance a whole series of programs and reforms: from guaranteed medical care for all and before transferring the whole country to green energy

Similar proposals made by other politicians instantly led to their marginalization and ridicule, but in the era of HYIP and viral content, the brain virus in the slogan ‘70% with the rich!’ Captured not only the minds of network commentators, but also the pages of the country’s main newspapers that It’s quite serious to discuss the pros and cons of this proposal, not to mention the fact that The Hill-HarrisX conducted a survey with shocking results: 59% (!) registered voters support the introduction of a “70% tax on the rich” – and this is probably the only suggestion in modern American political discourse, which easily goes beyond party support. Trump was often blamed for breaking apart America. 

Perhaps Okasio-Kotres will unite America in the name of hatred of the rich. Practice shows that national unity under such slogans usually leads to the fact that the country is slowly but surely turning into modern Venezuela. But it will be later. And today, Americans are gradually discovering the once forbidden joy of class struggle.

USA News. American News.

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