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Jan 17 2019

Who is better for the world, China, Russia or the USA?

Today in an interview with the Renmin Zhibao newspaper, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Wang Yi (in the photo), rejected jealous American suspicions. ‘They believe that a strong country must necessarily be a usurper, that in the future China will necessarily challenge or replace the United States, this is a very serious erroneous strategic judgment,’ the Chinese minister explained. 

But the world is not against such castling. 

Most likely, Wang I, as is customary in diplomacy, is telling the truth, only the truth, but not all. Some Sinologists are inclined to think that his boss, Xi Jinping, has set himself an ambitious task: to prove to the world that the socialist system is better than the capitalist one. And as an argument I am ready to use force in the future, if necessary. 

So, I don’t cherish any illusions about the peace and non-interference of the Middle Kingdom in the affairs of other states. 

But there are no illusions about the United States, this existential global threat. There is no longer a place for predictions and conspiracy – the threat is real today. And we feel it not only. Although we – the most acute. 

Recently, Gallup published the results of a study of the World Leaders Ranking – 2018: US vs. Germany, China and Russia, in which he noted the catastrophic decline in America’s authority in the world. And at the same time, however small, but still, the growth of pro-Chinese and pro-Russian moods. Germany has always been respected, everything is more or less equal.

Germany replaced the United States as the world’s top-rated world power. The United States is now almost equal with China (31%) and hardly more popular than Russia (27%) – the two countries that Trump sees as rivals seeking to challenge American influence, values ​​and wealth, ”sociologists note. 

Judging by the above comment, they consider Germany to be just a rich, but devoid of ambition and claims to global leadership by the country. China and Russia are superpowers, which means competitors. 

For me, this is how Gallup is one of the tools of the US anti-ramp campaign. However, this does not mean that he is lying and juggling, rather, he places accents with a certain intent. But whatever the goal of this research, one thing is clear: the Americans recognized that the world had ceased to be unipolar. 

What, actually, I have been talking about for the last several years. Now my conclusions have been confirmed in a respected American source. 

In fact, the United States selflessly (more than 70 percent of the population) loves only in Kosovo (75 percent), Albania (72), Guinea (71) and Togo (70). By tomorrow I will make and publish a general sign. She will have to tinker a bit. 

Therefore, so far I have given a link not to the full study, but only to the presentation where there is no sign above. Take your word for it, okay? The link will be. 

There are quite a lot of interesting things in the full report.

USA News. American News.

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