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Jan 17 2019

The end of the ‘free Syrian police’

In Idlib heap went. 
After the liquidation of ‘Nureddin al-Zinki’, the remnants of which joined the group controlled by Turkey ‘Faylah al-Sham’, another quite well-known group self-dissolved. 
Free Syrian Police’, which existed since 2012 and received funding from Britain (and some other Western countries), actually ceased its activities in the territory of Idlib. In 2013, it was called among the symbolic symbols of the ‘Syrian revolution’ and an important indicator of the ‘self-organization of the Syrian people in the fight against the tyrannical regime of Assad.’ 

Financing from abroad of this group stopped last fall. Well, as it turned out, without healing foreign grants, “fighting for the freedom of Syria” is not very cofmortal. And then there’s An-Nusra began to establish its own order
Representatives of other factions complain that now a large number of former ‘free policemen’ (the lion’s share of which are deserters from the Assad army and police) are left without work and there is no one to monitor corruption, looting, murder and looting all other Syrian provinces). Along the way, it turned out that out of the $ 20 million allocated by Britain for the maintenance of ‘free policemen,’ only 1,800 dollars reached the senior officers. Somewhere on the road to ‘freedom fighters’, the money was successfully cut. In addition, in 2016 it became known that part of the weapons transferred to the grouping, then ended up in the hands of militants associated with the Syrian al-Qaeda. In general, a wonderful group with a wonderful story. Former employees of the ‘free Syrian police’ who do not have time to escape from the country, you can wish warm and exciting meetings with the staff of the mukhabarat. 

Now, instead of the ‘free Syrian police,’ captured by the terrorists of the city of Idlib will be patrolled by the ‘Islamic police’ consisting of militant groups belonging to the ‘Hayat Tahrir al-Sham.’ This ‘police’ is unlikely to receive international recognition, although if you make a film about them and nominate for an Oscar …

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