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Jan 17 2019

Trump has missed Syria and risks losing the entire Middle East

Donald Trump not only missed Syria, but also risks losing US influence throughout the region, says Richard Cohen, columnist for The Washington Post. As he writes in an article for the American edition, the world has always expected America to provide good advice and help in setting the rules, however, Trump only increases global confusion with his actions. 

When the Communists, led by Mao Zedong, won the Chinese revolution, the Republicans in Washington shouted: ‘Who missed China?’ Today, the Republicans once again asked the same question, only this time about Syria, and they answer themselves: Barack Obama. However, as The Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen believes, Obama shares the blame for Syria with his successor, Trump. But there is one caveat: before losing Syria, Trump lost his mind. 

As the author continues, the President’s madness is eloquently shown by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s blatant misunderstanding, who last week in Egypt simultaneously announced the attack and the flight. On the one hand, he said that “America will not retreat while the fight against terrorism continues,” on the other, “President Trump has decided to withdraw troops from Syria.” Towards the end, Pompeo added confusion, declaring: “When America retreats, chaos remains. If we leave friends in trouble, hostility grows. ” 

According to Cohen, Syria has become a modern analogue of the Balkan Peninsula, as it was before the First World War – a powder keg that will blow up from the first match. Here the interests of the USA, Russia, Iran, Turkey, Kurds, Saudis, Islamists and Israelis collide. Too many players are spinning in Syria, so Trump would have to think about the words of Pompeo: ‘When America retreats, there is chaos.’ 

“States are like children. The USA is like a parent to them. The world around us is waiting for good advice and assistance in setting the rules. And this problem Trump failed in full. By his actions, Trump only multiplied the global mess. The question now is not whether he will miss Syria – this is a decided matter – but whether he has not lost the entire region at the same time? Apparently, he is halfway there, ”concludes the author.

USA News. American News.

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