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Jan 18 2019

Trump introduced a new US missile defense strategy

The United States intends to destroy, if necessary, missiles of a potential enemy even before their launch. 

New strategy for the further development of the American missile defense system (PRO) provides for the deployment of another 20 interceptors based on Fort Greely in Alaska, which will increase their number to 64. This statement was made by US President Donald Trump, presenting this doctrine at the Pentagon on Thursday. 

‘Our strategy requires

of 20 ground-based interceptors based on Fort Greely in Alaska, as well as new radars and sensors for the immediate detection of foreign missiles launched in our great country,’ the president said. 

‘We are striving to create a missile defense program that can protect every city in the United States, and we will never give up our right to do so,’ Trump said. 

In Alaska, on the basis of Fort Greely, 44 antimissiles are deployed in the mines. Earlier, the United States has repeatedly stated that the ground-based missile defense system with interceptors stationed on the west coast of the country, in particular Fort Greely, is designed to protect against rocket attacks from the DPRK. 

Protection against any missile attacks 

According to Trump, the United States will also develop systems that will protect the country not only from ballistic, but also from hypersonic and cruise missiles. ‘We will protect the American people from all types of rocket attacks. In the past, the United States lacked a comprehensive missile defense strategy that would cover not only ballistic missiles. In accordance with our plan, this will change: the United States will change its strategy to be able to defend itself among cruise and hypersonic rockets, ‘Trump said. 

‘By the way, we have succeeded in the field of hypersonic technologies and hypersonic rocket [technologies]. And we will always be ahead of the rest,’ the American leader added. 

The US missile defense system, according to the president, should be technologically capable of intercepting any missile launched in the country. ‘Our goal is simple – to ensure that we can detect and destroy any missile fired at the United States from any place at any time,’ Trump said. 

Spending on missile defense 

The president said that the United States would seek an equitable distribution of the costs of providing allied missile defense. 

‘These countries spend less than 1% of [GDP] in NATO,’ the American leader said. “It’s not fair that when Germany pays 1%, and we contribute 4.3% of much larger GDP, we cannot allow others to use us and pay for them,” he said. ‘We will definitely stay with NATO, but I told these countries that they have to pay,’ he said. 

Trump also stressed that ‘the sale of missile defense systems and technology to allies and partners is a US priority.’ “We want them to protect themselves,” the American leader said. ‘They want to pay for the best rockets in the world and they are already doing it,’ he stressed. 

‘We will also notify our allies about launches and exchange information on the movement of missiles in order to fix these launches as early as possible,’ the head of the White House said. 

Previously, Trump has repeatedly criticized NATO countries for, in his opinion, not spending enough money to support the alliance’s collective defense.

USA News. American News.

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