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Jan 18 2019

10 of the most vile deeds in football. You would have thought of this

Hot pepper in the eyes, tranquilizers for rivals and all kinds of auto-goals. 

Marcelo Bielsa was at the center of the scandal, sending his assistant to spy on Derby training. But in fact, this is a trifle compared to what sometimes go in football to win. On the portal Fourfourtwo dismantled strange and wild episodes of cheating in football. We offer the most interesting of them. 

1. Attack of the Honduran drones 

Spy is fine. In 2014, during the World Cup, Honduran trackers monitored the training of the French team with the help of a military reconnaissance drone. An unmanned aerial vehicle caught the attention of Benzema, Pogba, Giroux and other players, they tried to shoot him down with a ball, but did not hit. FIFA conducted an investigation, but did not punish anyone. France defeated Honduras 3-0. 

2. Bayern: when you really need to lose 

Bavaria has dominated the Bundesliga for so long that everyone has become accustomed to this. But in the mid-60s everything was different. Then the Munich were far from not only titles, but also from the highest league. In 1964, Bavaria claimed to enter the Bundesliga for the first time in its history. It was difficult: it was necessary not only to get into the play-offs, but also to avoid in the joints a meeting with the powerful “Aachen”, who played in another region. As a result, the difficult strategy of Bavaria in the penultimate round was more profitable to lose than to win. Coach Zlatko Tchaikovsky did everything he could: he fired half substitutions on the field and changed positions for several players. Even so, by the middle of the second half, Munich won – 4: 3. Then the coach began to hand out instructions on changing the scheme: it worked – after 10 minutes, Bavaria missed twice and took a comfortable second place. True, the Bundesliga still got only a year later. 

3. The coach insures protection 

In November 1999, Leganes accepted Badajoz in the match of the second Spanish division. ‘Leganes’ fought for access to the Example, so that points could not be lost. But at the end of the game with the minimum advantage in the account, the hosts missed a counterattack. Forward ‘Badajoz’ received a pass on the curb, and then he could run to the goalkeeper. Coach ‘Levante’ Enrique Martin could not resist the temptation: he stood on the curb, and when the ball flew past him, knocked him aside. The arbitrator was limited to a yellow card. But then the Spanish Football Federation disqualified him for 10 matches for unsporting behavior.

4. Legend of Cameroon and evil spirits 

The famous goalkeeper Thomas N’Cono became one of the first Cameroonian players entrenched in Europe. He played in Spain, went out with Espanyol to the UEFA Cup final and played in the quarterfinals of the World Cup with the national team. In 2002, he was an assistant coach for Cameroon Winfried Schaefer at the African Nations Cup. But Cameroon went to the semifinals without him: before the match, N’Cono was caught when he buried bones and sprayed a potion over the field on which the game was to take place. So he wanted to summon evil spirits against the players of the Mali national team. His efforts were taken seriously and N’Cono spent two weeks in prison, although Mali fans demanded his execution. But Cameroon still won that tournament. 

5. The trainer teaches how to pretend 

Everyone condemns football players who fall in pictures, clutching their faces when no one touched them. And how to treat a coach who does the same? Norbert Mayer from Duisburg hit Albert Streit with the head of the player Cologne and immediately fell, clutching his face. Streit did not lose his head and fell too. The arbitrator did not understand the situation and removed the player without applying sanctions to the coach. But the situation made so much noise that Duisburg fired him two days later.

6. Need a goal. In their gates 

Sometimes a victory requires very strange actions. In 1994, in the match of the Caribbean Cup between the teams of Barbados and Grenada, the hosts needed a victory with a difference of two goals to reach the playoffs. At the same time, according to the rules of that time, even in the matches of the group stage, draws were forbidden (with a draw outcome, the teams played extra time before the golden goal and fired a penalty), and for some reason the golden goal was considered two. Yes, football was so strange just recently. 

In general, until the end of the match there were a few minutes left, Barbados won with a score of 2: 1, and this score did not suit the team. He took Grenada to the playoffs, and Barbados, even having won, would have left the tournament. But in the 87th minute, the defender of Barbados approached his goalkeeper, began to pass with him, and then suddenly hit the goal and scored an own goal. Immediately no one (including the goalkeeper) understood anything, but then Barbados was delighted with the missed goal: he left chances for extra-time and a “golden goal”, which was considered two.

The remaining three minutes of normal time were the most absurd: the players of Grenada understood the trick and decided to repeat it: to score a goal in order to lose with the desired score. Barbados players defended by another’s goal and held the ball. And in extra time they scored their “golden goal” and passed on. Madness. After this, the rules of the Caribbean Cup seriously changed. And the ‘golden goal’ stopped counting for two. 

7. Bolboi Luis Felipe Scolari 

Tired of the football underground? World champion and winner of a dozen trophies in Brazil also enjoyed dishonest tricks. When he worked at Gremio, he taught the Bolboi to throw an extra ball when the opponents made dangerous attacks. In general, all sorts of tricks of the Bolboi in recent years occur more and more often (we remember how Bolden brought Eden Azar out of himself), but in Brazil they think that he has perfected this tactic and trained just Scolari. 

8. ‘Rangers’ against ‘Dynamo’ Kiev. And against the field 

The first match of the Champions Cup in 1987 between the Scottish Rangers and Dynamo was held in Kiev, the hosts achieved a minimal victory. After the second leg in Glasgow, Scots coach Graham Sunness explained how he secured his team an advantage. “We lost to the fast and technical team. We were stronger, but what’s the point? Then I thought that if the field were smaller, we would have an advantage. ” At that time, the fields should not have a fixed length and width, they only had to fit the UEFA regulations. At the direction of the coach, the Rangers’ staff made the field as narrow as possible, moreover on the day of the game: on the eve of Dynamo, they were still training in normal marking. The Rangers won 2-0, and then UEFA introduced a new rule: the field of each club must be the same size throughout the season, and this size must be specified before the start of the competition. 

9. Hand of Maradona 

No comments.

10. Carlos Bilardo: needles and tranquilizers 

Maradona’s coach at that World Cup was Carlos Bilardo. And that explains a lot: Bilardo at the time when he himself was a football player, became famous for attaching needles to his boots to injure rivals. When he became a coach, has not changed. Before the match, his players rubbed their hands with hot pepper and in the clashes they tried to get their opponents in the eye. And the main episode in his career happened at the 1990 World Cup, when the Argentina national team quite unexpectedly beat the tournament favorite – the Brazil national team. Then there were rumors in the press that the coaching staff of the Argentina national team somehow managed to poison their rivals. After 15 years, Bilardo admitted that before the match, Brazilians were mixed in with water tranquilizers.

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