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Jan 18 2019

Great Albania – a ram USA against Europe

Less than six months ago, watching the trend of a gradual merger of Albania and Kosovo, I wrote a short note on it: 

Creeping integration of Albania and Kosovo as a global precedent 

And now, the year 2019 has come. And along with the opening of the borders, it was almost at the same time revealed that Kosovo is creating an army. 

Serbia will demand the convening of an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the decision of the Pristina parliament to establish an army in a partially recognized republic of Kosovo. This was stated by the head of the Serbian Foreign Ministry Ivica Dacic. Earlier, the legislative body of the self-proclaimed republic approved the formation of a full-fledged army based on security forces. The deputies of the Serbian party ‘Serbian list’ left the hall and did not participate in the voting. The European Union ‘as well as NATO’ did not support the decision adopted in Pristina. This is stated in the statement of the official representative of the EU foreign service

And then – more. Just a month later, Albania officially announced its desire to unite with Kosovo. 

Official Tirana supports the achievement of a final agreement on the ‘normalization of relations’ between Belgrade and Pristina, since it will open the way for the unification of Albania with Kosovo. This was stated by the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, on 14 January. ‘My position is based on the fact that the final agreement between Serbia and Kosovo, which will lead to the recognition of Kosovo and its final separation from the history shared with Serbia, will be recognized and guaranteed by the United States and the European Union. This agreement we want,’ Rama told Pristin television, transmits the Serbian television channel RTS. 

Well, all the dots are placed above the ‘AND’. What this is all about was absolutely sure 10 years ago, when Kosovo’s “independence” was only proclaimed. 

As reported by EADaily, the Albanian government earlier decided to establish joint control over the Albanian-Kosovo border from January 1, 2019. According to the country’s Interior Minister, Sander Leshi, the government decided to ‘introduce this important innovation in order to facilitate free movement between Albania and Kosovo.’ 

Well, yes, great Albania doesn’t need internal borders. Only external, and with the prospect of further expansion. 

And the fact that such an extension is planned is also completely obvious to me. And the next news is proof of that

Albanian language received the status of the second official in Macedonia

In the Republic of Macedonia, the law on assigning the status of the second official status to the Albanian language came into force. This was written on his Facebook page by Parliament Speaker Talat Jaferi. According to him, the law was published in the ‘Official Gazette’, and therefore entered into force. During the January 11 voting, this bill was supported by 69 out of 120 deputies. At the same time there were no representatives of the largest opposition party, VMRO-DPMNE, in the hall. It is noteworthy that although the document was already published, it was never signed by Macedonian President Gerge Ivanov. As noted on the website of the head of state, this is contrary to the Constitution, and the future will show “whether there is a Constitutional Court in the Republic of Macedonia, whether the prosecutor’s office is functioning, whether there is independent judging and the rule of law”. 

With Kosovo, everything began in a very similar way .. Official language – the next step is logical – the second state. And then – federalization and division into the proper Macedonian and Albanian parts. After all, the Albanians there are already about a quarter and they live quite locally. It is clear that if they begin to reach out to Great Albania, they will definitely help them, and not only humanitarianly. 

In addition, a number of southern regions of Serbia are also inhabited by Albanians. This is especially true of the Presevo Valley, where all local electronic media already broadcast only in Albanian. In Belgrade, without hiding, they say that, should any conflict with Kosovo Albanians happen, a problem with the “fifth column” will arise in the south of the country. 

There are concerns about the development of the conflict and the southern areas of Montenegro. They are also inhabited by Albanians, who now focus not on Podgorica, but on Tirana. 

Thus, if the unification of Albania and Kosovo takes place, the Macedonian, Serbian and Montenegrin Albanians will not stand aside. They will strive to take their place in Greater Albania. With their territories, of course. 

That will almost certainly cause a new Balkan war. And this should be the main owner and initiator of the project ‘Great Albania’. He already has here the second largest Camp Bondsteel in Europe – in fact, to secure his faithful dog of the war

Balkans – a powder keg Europe. You set fire to it – and the shocks on the Dry Continent are guaranteed. For this purpose, the Great Albania is being created – as a fuse to the barrel. And at the right moment it will be activated. In the meantime, in anticipation of this moment, he is peacefully poisoning geogropeytsev drugs. 

Most likely, at the same time with another fuse – madmen, several million of whom have already settled on the continent. 

And it’s not for nothing that Putin has just arrived in Serbia. It is clear that it will be the main goal of Great Albania in the Balkans, including as a direct provocation against Russia ..

USA News. American News.

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