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Jan 18 2019

Giant dead zones spread across the Earth.

According to a recently published report, more than 16,000 desalination plants around the world produce much more toxic waste than fresh water. In short, for every liter of desalinated water there is one and a half liters of salt waste, which is dumped back into the ocean or just into the ground. 

Waste salt becomes even more toxic due to the chemicals used in the desalination process, in particular, copper and chlorine. And all this in volumes of more than 50 billion cubic meters annually is enough to cover a medium-sized area with a 30-centimeter layer.

Desalters produce more than 50 billion cubic meters of salt waste annually. Photo: 

Salt raises the temperature of coastal waters and reduces the level of oxygen, which actually leads to the appearance of ‘dead zones’ in ecosystems. Organisms lose their ability to breathe in such conditions, survival is at stake. 

Scientists believe that the amount of fresh water in the world is constantly decreasing: large rivers no longer reach the sea, natural reservoirs dry up, and pollution spoils water on the surface and underground. About seven percent of the world’s population — half a billion people — will have 20 percent less fresh water for every degree of global warming.

We recently wrote that a huge dead zone was found in the Indian Ocean. The oxygen content there is about 8-10 thousand times less than in ordinary water bodies. Sections of the ocean, deprived of oxygen, become lifeless. Year by year the number of dead zones increases. In addition to salt waste, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizers that enter the water from wastewaters are to blame.

P.S. VC. Well, what can I say? What are you doing, people ?! 

And yet there will be such that they will begin to assert that the Earth is dying out after some thousands or millions of years, “explaining” this in some sort of cycles. But why would she die if she gives birth to life? But the degraded consciousness that has appointed itself to be the chosen one, so surely, life destroys. And this is an elementary law, from which one cannot hide behind any theories – evil devours itself. After all, this is its essence. Or have we still not understood this?

USA News. American News.

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