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Jan 18 2019

Accident in the US. To death will bring salvation.

In Miami, we went with my lady (she is a doctor) to walk along the embankment. Rather, look for edible food for breakfast. Instead of nauseous hamburgers, fries, etc. The case is long and dreary. Milk porridge, pancakes, cottage cheese, sour cream – they do not. Do not eat, sir .. 

So, slowly moving from the market to the market, suddenly we see a certain SUV (junk) run into the curb and gently turn over onto the roof. Almost on the waterfront in Fortlerdale. 

Inside black couple. Consciously wearing seat belts. 

Then the show began. Flashing lights, sirens, three ambulances, four police cars. Brave, beautiful. First of all – cordon. Gawkers pushed aside, put signs. Black passengers hang upside down. Very law-abiding. 

Another 10 minutes the police pulled the door. Do not open. The passengers are hanging. Gawkers are watching. My lady begins to worry – what is there with them? This is a true stroke. You can not do it this way. I, too, somehow got nervous – well, what can’t two peasants EASILY turn the car over? 

The police call somewhere. Very active. Negros hang doomed, do not move. About 15 minutes later another rescue vehicle arrives – a cutter was brought. Sawed out the car door. Pull out my aunt. With bloodshot eyes. But it seems to be moving. After 20 minutes – man. Already finished. Begin to do artificial respiration – but in vain. Cover with a sheet, taken away. 

My lady is in shock. I am also somewhat puzzled. Nobody would even have thought it over with us – they would have pushed a hanger, put the car on wheels. This is – time. 

And the second is that they HAPPENEDLY hung and waited for salvation. No glass was broken (you could just open the button!), There was not even an attempt! 

And the thought flashed through – semi-finished products. Already – not homo sapiens. Completely violated the mechanism of self-preservation. And the mechanism of initiative and compassion. Wrap in candy wrappers and – on the counter. They will not protest.

USA News. American News.

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