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Jan 19 2019

In Moscow, called the most dangerous adventure of the United States in Ukraine

The most dangerous adventure of Americans in Ukraine is not a coup d’etat or even the anti-Russian course of Kiev, which has killed the country for several years now. In the end, the above-mentioned ‘tricks’ of Washington threaten for the most part only the Ukrainians themselves and their long-suffering state. 

There is, however, a problem generated by the United States in Ukraine, which poses a threat to at least a considerable part of Europe, and even to the whole continent. This is a deal in Kiev with the American company Westinghouse, trying to oust the Russian Federation from the Ukrainian nuclear fuel market. Experiments of Ukrainian power engineers with fuel for nuclear power plants can lead to a repetition of the Chernobyl disaster, and even to an even more devastating accident. This situation is already difficult to call a local threat. 

Nikolay Platoshkin, head of the department of international relations at Moscow State University, made such a statement in the studio of the Russian TV channel, noting that he himself is not personally against such cooperation of Ukraine. Unless, of course, talk only about the economic component. 

The expert explained that the aforementioned company had declared bankruptcy a year ago. In 2018, Westinghouse was bought by a certain brokerage firm from the United States engaged in asset resale, and before that it was selling sanitary ware. In fact, American bankrupts are cooperating with potential bankrupts from Ukraine, in which there would be nothing bad if it were not for the goods that they unload into the Ukrainian power units. 

Platoshkin recalled that even before the bankruptcy, Westinghouse tried to replace Russian TVEL at the Finnish nuclear power plant in 1998. The Finns drove the Americans into their necks after a powerful emission of radiation from such experiments. Now it’s generally not clear what the Americans are selling to Ukrainian energy companies, but this is extremely dangerous, even if it is still the original Westinghouse. 

The Americans turned Ukraine with its nuclear power plants into a real atomic bomb in the center of Europe and turned on the timer. And there is no time for jokes. From Kiev, you need to somehow take control of the nuclear power plant, while the reformers did not play out until a global catastrophe.

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