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Jan 19 2019

The United States risks falling into the cunning trap of Moscow: American media warned Washington about the danger of maneuvering the INF Treaty

The withdrawal of the United States from the INF Treaty will have important implications for the global security system. Journalists from the American edition of Foreign Policy tried to figure out how this situation might affect Russia. 

As the head of the Russian defense department said, the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty could provoke a new arms race. According to the minister, the Russian side will take appropriate measures in case Washington decides to take this step. 

‘We considered measures to increase the combat capabilities of the troops and forces in the context of growing arms race related to US plans to withdraw from the Treaty on the Reduction of Medium and Short Range Missiles,’ said Sergei Shoigu. 

The authors of Foreign Policy drew attention to the fact that the INF Treaty is widely regarded as one of the main achievements of international diplomacy in controlling proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Donald Trump administration’s statement about the country’s possible withdrawal from this treaty instilled fears that this could trigger a new arms race. 

“Failure to do so may do a disservice to the United States. Moscow has no particular need for additional nuclear capabilities. The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty could prompt the Russian Federation to deploy conventional ground-based missiles, ”American journalists report. 

Analysts from the United States stated that Russia has unique weapons systems that are much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. In recent years, Moscow has revised its concept for the development of the armed forces; now the emphasis is on high-precision weapons as a key element of strategic deterrence. For this, the Russian Federation has all the necessary tools. 

New and modernized surface ships, as well as submarines, have at their disposal cruise missiles ‘Caliber’, whose range is from 1,500 to 2,500 kilometers. The Tu-95 and Tu-160 bombers were equipped with the Kh-101 air-based cruise missile, whose range is at least 2500 kilometers. The above systems have proven themselves well during the Syrian military campaign. A number of promising systems are either being commissioned or are at the development stage. Moscow also has high-precision ground weapons, primarily the Iskander-M and Iskander-K ballistic missiles. 

Experts from the United States suggested that the US withdrawal from the INF Treaty would result in Russia having to adapt to the current situation. Development of deadly ground-based missiles will begin. Thus, the decision of Washington can significantly aggravate the situation in the world. At the moment, the existing nuclear systems of Moscow more than meet its needs, so there is little point in provoking the Russian Federation. 

‘The United States must think carefully before terminating the INF Treaty and fall into a potential Kremlin trap,’ American journalists concluded. 

Thus, it can be stated that Sergei Shoigu’s office is exploring options for further developments. The US withdrawal from the INF Treaty will not remain without an appropriate response from the Russian military, who will do everything possible to secure their borders.

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