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Jan 19 2019

Accident in the US Air Force

Accident in the US Air Force is growing from year to year. And this is despite the enormous amounts of money allocated by the Pentagon for aviation. And no one says that the main problem here is corruption. Last year, the US Air Force lost 23 aircraft, and the number of dead American military pilots was 36 people. 

The editors of the Federal News Agency (FAN) summed up the results of 2018 for the US air force. The list of tragedies by months was distributed as follows: 

January 20 – the collapse of the army AH – 64E, both pilots died; 

March 14 – the naval F / A – 18E crashed, both pilots ejected, but later died in hospital. 

March 15 – HH – 60G crash, all seven people on board died; 

April 3 – crashed AV – 8B; 

April 4 – CH – 53E wreck, all four on board died; 

April 5 – crashed F – 16 aerobatic team Thunderbirds, the pilot died; 

April 6 – AH – 64E crash, both pilots died; 

April 13 – F – 22 accident, engine failure during takeoff, severe damage; 

April 24 – F – 16 accident

May 2 – WC – 130H wrecked Hercules, nine people on board died; 

May 23 – T-38 accident

June 11 – F – 15 accident

June 25 – A – 29 Tucano crashed, both pilots died; 

August 17 – T – 38 crash;

September 19 – accident T-6 Texan II; 
September 28 – F – 35B accident
October 11 – F – 22 crash; 
October 16 – the collapse of the Ukrainian Su-27UB, the American pilot was killed; 
October 19 – SH – 60 Seahawk accident
November 12 – accident F / A – 18F; 
November 13 – T-38 Talon crash; December 6 – F / A – 18 and tanker KC – 130 collided in the air, six people died; 
December 28 – T-38 Talon crash. 
Experts note that in 2018 only two months passed in the US Air Force without catastrophes and victims – this is February and July. At the same time, the Pentagon admits that since 2013 the number of accidents in the US Navy has increased by 82%; the growth of accidents in the US Air Force was 80%, the number of aviation accidents increased by 16%, and ground accidents – by 6%. 
Previously, former US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis recognized that the growth of accidents and catastrophes will continue, despite a budget of 700 billion dollars, which the Pentagon received for the 2018th fiscal year, and a planned record budget of 716 billion dollars for the 2019th. 
The reason for this is the unsatisfactory training of military specialists. The military expert of the magazine Arsenal of the Fatherland, Alexei Leonkov, in his comment to the FAN, noted that it was also said under Mattis that about 60% of the US Air Force fleet and the Marine Corps require major overhaul. 
And the rest of the equipment also has varying degrees of non-readiness and cannot always even fly. In addition, there have been cases when just repaired airplanes and helicopters got into accidents and American pilots crashed on them.

USA News. American News.

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