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Jan 19 2019

Brief Look At Russia’s Bastion-P Coastal Defense Missile System

The Bastion-P is a Russian coastal defense missile system in service wtih the Russian Navy. The “P” letter in the system’s designation means “mobile”. The missile system’s main role is to engage various surface targets, including aircraft carrier battle groups, convoys and landing crafts. As it was shown in the Syrian conflict in November 2016, the Bastion-P also can engage ground targets.

The Bastion-P launcher can carry 2 Onyks cruise missiles. The system is capable of striking sea targets in the range of 350 km and ground targets in the range of 450 km. The missile’s speed is Mach 2-3.

Bastion-P coastal defense missile systems were adopted by the Russian Armed Forces in 2010.

USA News. American News.

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