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Jan 18 2019

Adjustable Step Low Noise Screw for Corvettes

As the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center JSC reported, the Propulsion Systems Center of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center JSC (part of United Shipbuilding Corporation JSC) completed development work (R & D) to create a low-noise propeller pitch propeller ‘corvette’. 

A prototype of a low noise propeller pitch propeller for Corvette-class ships developed by the Center for Propulsion Systems of Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center JSC (c) Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center JSC 

The design and development work on the CPM-M theme was carried out by the Moscow branch of the Vint Scientific and Production Association of the Zvezdochka Ship Repair Center. A prototype of a perspective screw of adjustable pitch, designed to work with a 20 MW main engine, was manufactured and tested by experts of the Vega Experimental Plant (Borovsk), also a branch of the CS Zvezdochka. In the course of accomplishment of the design and development works, the manufacturing techniques of CPM-M were fully developed, which allows us to quickly start mass production of these products at the machine-building facilities of OZ Vega and the head enterprise CS Zvezdochka, fully meeting the needs of the Navy for such propulsion complexes. Technical characteristics of VRSh-M meet all the requirements of the state customer, imposed on screws of adjustable pitch of promising ships. The design and technological developments applied in the performance of the design and development work on the topic “VRS-M” ensured the complete elimination of imported components as part of the product, thereby solving the problem of import substitution in the manufacture of high-power adjustable pitch screws. 

The promising propulsion complex has a number of advantages relative to analogs. These include increased resource and service life. The product is designed with a high margin of stability in emergency situations: automatic locking pitch of the blades ensures operation of the product in case of emergency shutdown of the pitch adjustment systems; design features of the product exclude leakage of lubricating oil into the environment when the blade breaks as a result of navigation damage. Another feature of VRS-M is the simplicity of routine maintenance and maintenance. Replaced damaged blades of the product in case of impossibility of urgent docking can be made afloat. 

The design and realized capacity of the VRS-M allow it to be used both on ships of the ‘corvette’ class and on promising ships of the ‘frigate’ class. The machine-building enterprises of the United Shipbuilding Corporation are ready for the production of high-power adjustable pitch propellers for promising civilian vessels.


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