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Jan 18 2019

American F-16 repaint under the Su-57

The American F-16C fighter will repaint in the “digital” camouflage of the fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su-57, reports the Aviationist publication. 

F-16C will simulate a Russian aircraft in aerial combat. 

A few months ago, the commander of the 57th US Air Force wing, Robert Novotny, invited Facebook users to choose a coloring scheme that is as similar to the Su-57 as possible. As a result, approved a sketch called ‘Viper’. 

Now Novotny has posted a new camouflage photo on Facebook. 

American F-16 repaint under Su-57 

According to the commander, the painting will be finished by the summer, and the plane will be the highlight of the Aviation Nation air show at the Nellis base in November. 

Earlier, the F-16s fighters from the 64th training squadron in Nevada were repainted under the Russian Su-35. Ken Spyro, head of the intelligence department, explained that American pilot training should be made more realistic.

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