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Jan 17 2019

Experts talk about the collapse of Ukraine after the elections

On January 15, Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon reported on the TV channel ‘112 Ukraine’ that after the presidential election, Ukraine may cease to exist as a sovereign state. Instead, Ukraine may appear ‘Kiev region’. According to Gordon, this will happen if the wrong people come to power.rn  rn The journalist’s words were commented by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Alexander Golub, on the air of the radio Sputnik.rn  rn “Gordon expressed something that everyone has long known. Look at the current situation in the country. Society is divided, political forces are fighting for power, government structures cannot work effectively in such conditions. And for all this, we need to thank Petro Poroshenko, who, because of his lack of talent, cannot control the situation in the country, ”Golub said.rn  rn “Further well-being of Ukraine as a single state is under threat. We have exhausted the limit of intolerance from the people and from our Western partners. Almost all presidential candidates in Ukraine do not understand this and are trying to further divide people. As a result, this could lead to the collapse of Ukraine, ”the ex-deputy explained.

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