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Jan 17 2019

Former commander in chief of the US Army in Europe speaks about the war in Asia

From the Baltic States came another news, confirming that no commitments of the United States can be trusted in any combinations and under any combinations. This time, it seems that the Baltic States turned out to be in the role of ‘abandoned’. 

They say that in Western countries, as soon as politicians or the military retire, you can hear from them completely frank assessments of what is happening, which they did not allow themselves to do while “on duty”. And today – another proof of this axiom. 

The Baltic press quotes statements made by Ben Hodgesas, a former commander of US forces in Europe, made during his arrival in Lithuania. The well-known Delfi news portal reports that Hodges, who is in Lithuania, “predicts that in the next decade the US will be drawn into a war with China, so Europe will need to take care of itself from Russia.” 

Surprised listeners immediately began to figure out how much the ‘organization of defense from the Russian threat’ would cost them a lot without the support of the United States. But the general went into his reflections, and, perhaps, the issuance of secret plans of the Pentagon (sic!), Further to the East, passing through Russia and pointing his finger at China. He stated: “I am convinced that we are on the path to conflict with China. A few months ago, I thought he would be in 15 years, but now I think he is much closer — maybe closer than 10 years or so, ”said B. Hodges. 

The next recognition was for the ‘Baltic tigers’ quite disappointing, because the general revealed another secret: ‘At present, the United States does not have the ability to simultaneously fight in the Pacific, continue to contain Russia and do everything else that we have to do. Thus, the European pillar should be quite strong, so that we continue to restrain Russia. ” 

The fact that this European “pillar” will stand without American support – the forces there are no longer there – the general said, expressing confidence that even without a Yankee, the Lithuanians would give a fitting rebuff to the “Russian invaders”: “Nobody ever familiar with Lithuanian the military will not be able to believe for a minute that Russia could seize Lithuania in one or two days. ” This praise, of course, should give confidence to the military-political leadership of Vilnius. The question of “why should Russia attack Lithuania?” Is not discussed by the Americans at all – they don’t even understand that someone (for example, Russia) may not behave as aggressively as the Yankees themselves. As we say, ‘people are judged by themselves.’ 

However, today the “Russian Pugalka” got its shape – not the T-34 tank, which once traveled across the expanses of Europe and left in their memory indelible impressions, but “Russian cyber attacks”. Now, you know, “cyber attacks” are in fashion, now “cyber attacks” are in trend. That trend … 

As for the future of the ‘Baltic tigers’, then it is necessary to recall once again how, since 2020, the European Union stops subsidizing their economies in the amount of up to 1/3 of local budgets. But the local press doesn’t specifically cover this in order to avoid panic. 

It is important that the American retired general explained that there would be no war here – the Americans are going to fight with China. However, this in itself does not add optimism in the Pacific region …

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