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Jan 19 2019

France’s intelligence: the US lied about the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The data of the French special services indicate that Russia has never prepared a military invasion of Ukraine. 

This is reported by Sputnik with reference to the statement by the head of the French intelligence service, General Christophe Gomar, which he did when speaking before the National Assembly of the country. 

The general stressed that the American intelligence, using its authority in NATO, provided false information about the invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine. 

“The problem with NATO is that American intelligence is crucial in the alliance, while the French intelligence services are considered to a lesser extent. NATO claimed that the Russians were preparing an invasion of Ukraine, however, according to the French Military Intelligence Directorate, nothing confirmed this hypothesis, the agency quotes the words of the general. 

At the same time, French intelligence established for certain that the Russian army was not preparing an invasion of Ukraine. 

‘We really determined that the Russians did not deploy command centers or rear agencies, including field hospitals, which could allow a military invasion, while the second-tier units never moved from their seats,’ said Gomar. 

NATO has repeatedly accused Russia without proof of transferring military equipment and soldiers to Ukraine. Russia, in response, stressed that it was not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict.

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