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Jan 16 2019

Igilovtsy captured a city in Nigeria – the army fled

Militants of the terrorist group ‘Islamic State’ (* banned in the Russian Federation) are clearly activated in the African contingent. In addition to the attacks in Egypt and Libya, ISIL * terrorizes other African countries. One of such countries is Nigeria, a major oil exporter. 

There are reports that ISIS terrorists * managed to take control of the whole city and its surroundings. We are talking about the city of Rann (northeast Nigeria). The report from Rann attracts attention: as the militant detachments approached the city, the forces of the government army simply fled from the locality. Only a few police units remain in the city and are trying to confront igilovtsam. For several hours in the city there is a battle, during which terrorists push government forces out of Rann. 

It is reported that about 30 thousand of local residents left the town and its environs before taking Rann to the igilovtsy. They were in search of shelter were forced to go to other Nigerian settlements. 

Attention is drawn to the fact that outbreaks of ISIS activity manifest themselves in those countries where oil is produced. The oil industry is one of the most important components of income in the Nigerian treasury. A few years ago, the country became the largest African economy, overtaking the Republic of South Africa in terms of GDP. At the same time, in Nigeria, an impressive unemployment rate remains – about 24%. Many young people are adjacent to terrorist groups that receive foreign funding.

Игиловцы захватили город в Нигерии - армия бежала

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