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Jan 15 2019

Interestingly girls dance, well, and Manafort sings

What interesting news was sent to me, referring, rather, to CNN. In the process of promotion of Manafort, it turned out that two Ukrainian oligarchs, Mr. Akhmetov and Mr. Lyovochkin, had bought $ 60 million from Manafort for the results of the polls for Trump’s elections. Someone Konstantin Kilimnik also participated in the scheme. 

The news is very interesting, in my opinion, surprised why it was avoided by any LOMA. Or maybe not yet received a training manual? 

But the further promotion of Manaforma most likely leads to the fact that Mr. Akhmetov, together with his assets, will be under sanctions from our “American partners”, first of all it will be his most profitable energy assets, after which, as in In the case of Deripaska, his RUSAL and En +, they will smoothly move under the control of a certain “charity foundation” represented by the citizens of the United States and Britain. 

There is another important point. Manafort spins up to the accraint before the Ukrainian elections, both presidential and parliamentary, and Mr. Akhmetov, although not participating in them, has a great influence on Ukrainian elites, and it is Moscow that he regards as the sponsor of the “peace party”, that is, united rygov, which should take a majority in parliament that would close, in fact, the Ukrainian question in the end at least somehow. 

I think that in the near future, Manafort will tell you a lot of interesting things that will give our ‘partners’ all the levers of pressure on key figures, but for now this is just a teaser.

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