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Jan 17 2019

Libyan Democratic Process

Showdowns of gangs of democrats in the capital of democratic Libya have already become a good tradition, this country free from the tyranny of Gaddafi. 
Not so long ago, the ISIL militants had already visited the Ministry of Petroleum and had noisy about it. All autumn there were fights near the central airport of Mitiga. 
Another round of finding out which of these beautiful people is freer and more democratic, turned into new clashes in the city center with the use of machine guns, grenade launchers, machine guns and grenades. 
According to the minimum estimates of the Ministry of Health – by the middle of the day, 6 people died and 38 were injured during the democratic process. The democratic process in Libya continues.

Another Palmyria. Somewhere lost trunk. 
Another was burned back in the fall during the previous showdown of gangs of democrats.

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