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Jan 18 2019

The American was planning to storm the White House

He wanted to break into the residence of the President of the United States using an anti-tank missile. 

In the United States, Hascher Jalal Tahib, a resident of Virginia, was arrested on January 16, on charges of preparing attacks on federal property, including the White House. He is 21 years old. Details of the incident reported resource 

His story is as follows. The local law enforcement agency contacted the FBI in March 2018 after receiving information that Tahib began to hold radical views, changed his name and planned to go abroad to the territory controlled by ISIL (an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation). 

Tahib told an FBI agent under cover that he wants to launch an attack on US territory: the White House and the Statue of Liberty. 

At one of the meetings, he showed an undercover agent a hand-drawn outline of the ground floor of the western wing of the White House and detailed the plan of the attack. He asked the agent to get the weapons and explosives needed to carry out the attack. To pay for this, they discussed selling or exchanging their cars. Under the cover of an FBI agent, Tahib trusted and considered him part of his battle group. 

Tahib also told the agent that they needed a “base” where they could regroup, and where he could record a video to motivate people: he would be a storyteller, clips about the oppression of Muslims would be shown, and in the background would be American and Israeli flags. 

Last week, Tahib told the FBI agent that he wanted to take the gun this week and go directly to Washington to launch an attack. 

Tahib said that they would approach the White House from the back road, which would distract the police’s attention, and they would enter the White House, using an anti-tank rocket to blow the door, and then destroy as many people as possible and cause as much damage as possible. 

The potential terrorist was not embarrassed by the fact that he never fired a weapon, but he believed that he could easily learn. In addition, he watched several videos about the use of grenades. 

The terrorist attempted to acquire assault rifles, three explosive devices with remote undermining, as well as an anti-tank missile. During the meeting with the arms seller, who was also an FBI agent, Hasher Jalal Tahib exchanged the ordered weapons for his car and loaded the arsenal into a rented car. 

At the meeting, he was also told how to use the acquired weapons. As soon as Tahib sat in the car and closed the doors, he was arrested.

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