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Jan 16 2019

Threats associated with the possible exit of the United States from the INF Treaty can be parried with the help of Caliber-M cruise missiles.

Russia has all the possibilities for parrying new threats that may arise if the United States withdraws from the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF), told the Interfax-AVN chairman of the Duma commission on legal support for the development of defense industry organizations. Vladimir Gutenev. 

‘If we push off from the successful experience of using Calibrov (cruise missiles Caliber-NK and Caliber-PL, – IF), and developing and creating their more perfect modification – Caliber-M, then you can It’s safe to say that, if necessary, to produce the required number of products with much better tactical and technical characteristics than those we have reduced (according to the INF), it will not be too difficult, ‘he said, answering the question may respond to US withdrawal from the Treaty. 

‘I think that the level of equipment with modern weapons, which we now see in the Russian army, the development of new means of destruction suggests that we were able not only to restore our own scientific and technical potential, but also to reach new frontiers, which in a number the segments are both electronic warfare, hypersound, and much more — so far no one is available except for us, ‘said V. Gutenev, who also holds the position of first vice-president of the Russian Engineering Union. 

‘I very much hope that the US policy, which very often plays to raise rates, in this case will take a more reasonable shape in the form of negotiations. It would certainly be desirable for a number of other countries to join them, including China ‘, – believes the deputy. 

‘It seems to me that a very important task is to prevent an arms race, not to enter into unnecessary spending, making the solution of social tasks a priority,’ he believes. 

According to the open press, the range of the Caliber-M cruise missile can exceed 4,000 kilometers. Its predecessors, the Caliber-NK and Caliber-PL missiles, are equipped with ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, respectively.

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