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Jan 16 2019

US Moves Towards Escalation With Russia Over INF Treaty

Russian-US consultations in Geneva on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty confirmed the U.S. policy of scrapping strategic stability tools, resulting in a “deepening deficit of mutual trust and militarization of foreign policy thinking,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on January 16.

He added that the US stance during the negotiation was a ultimatum to Russia. Washington demanded the elimination of the 9M729 cruise missile developed for the Iskander missile system, missile launchers and other equipment linked under the US supervision.

HINT: Washignton argues that the 9M729 missile violates the INF Trety.

Lavrov noted that the US rejected suggestions to check capabilities of the missile as well as to hear Moscow’s stance on the situation, including Russian concerns over the US violations of the INF Treaty. The foreign minister noted that the US stance is that Moscow is the side violating the deal.

It should be noted that Moscow’s concern in the situation in that the US missile defense complex in Europe uses launching cells, which can be employed to launch cruise missiles. The US ignoores these concerns.

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