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Jan 19 2019

US state employees, left without a salary, prepared ‘gifts’

The longest in the history of the United States Shatdaun can not end. The work of many US departments is suspended, 800,000 civil servants of these ministries are not paid, and economic growth slows down by 0.1% every week. 

And while starving civil servants are collected by charitable organizations for food, and these people themselves stand in line at the store, theaters arrange actions for them. 

For example, at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, state employees who have lost their jobs for a while can receive free movie tickets from January 19 to January 31. Here you can, of course, say that everyone helps as much as they can, and yet everything like that is pure absurdity. First of all, because basically all the victims work in Washington. 

By the way, New York hotels are also ready to meet and provide free accommodation in hotels in case the victims visit this city. In general, it is quite simple to offer such help, given that people have nothing to eat to travel around the country. 

So there is a crisis in the USA due to such a long shutdown. Only to every civil servant the state owed $ 5,000. But Trump could not agree with the Democrats on the wall on the border with Mexico, because of which all this happened. 

As a result, people are suffering who can hardly be helped by free tickets to theaters and hotel rooms in the city, to which they cannot even go.

Written by USAHause