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Jan 18 2019

Yulia Latynina SPAMED into the mailbox

It is difficult to say whether it is a coincidence or not, but immediately after the musician and TV presenter Andrei Makarevich hit the Public Council under the State Duma Committee on Culture with one of him, in a certain way, journalist and writer Yulia Latynina, born in 1966, took place, if one can put it, cultural action . Someone called it a performance, someone an installation, well, someone a terrorist attack.

As the journalist writes, on January 17, that is, on the first day of Makarvech’s work at the Council on Culture, she was ‘someone shit in the mailbox.’ According to her, an act of vandalism, fraught with difficulty when tests were entered into the narrow gap of the mailbox, was carried out by an organized group of two people. Correspondence irretrievably lost. The police quickly responded to the call, an outfit arrived, watched video recordings from surveillance cameras, drew up a protocol, will deal with this blatant act of vandalism.

“Today, someone shit at me in the mailbox. I called the police, made a protocol. It cannot be recovered. On the chamber in the entrance it is clear that two people carried out the stool act 

Well, probably, the only consolation for a journalist can be that they have spoiled into the mailbox, and not into the soul.

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